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Brazil commissions first Riachuelo-class S-BR submarine

The Brazilian Navy commissioned the first-of-class Riachuelo-class conventional submarine, S Riachuelo, on 1 September. (Brazilian Navy)

The Brazilian Navy commissioned its first-of-class Riachuelo-class diesel-electric attack submarine, S Riachuelo (S-40), on 1 September.

The general director of the Directorate-General for Nuclear and Technological Development of the Navy (DGDNTM), Fleet Admiral PetrĆ³nio Augusto Siqueira de Aguiar, signed with ItaguaĆ­ ConstruƧƵes Navais (ICN) and Naval Group the provisional receipt and acceptance confirmation for S Riachuelo on 26 August.

Launched on 14 December 2018, S Riachuelo was originally scheduled to enter active service in 2017.

The submarine underwent a range of trials, including the launch of the MBDA Exocet SM39 Block 2 Mod 2 anti-ship missile and the Naval Group F21 heavyweight torpedo.

ItaguaĆ­ ConstruƧƵes Navais, a joint venture set up by Naval Group and Novonor to build S Riachuelo, is under contract to build three additional similar ScorpĆØne submarines, dubbed type S-BR, at the ItaguaĆ­ Naval Complex, State of Rio de Janeiro.

The second boat S HumaitĆ” (S-41) is undergoing trials, and the remaining two boats S Tonelero (S-42) and S Angostura (S-43) are in different stages of construction.

The ocean-patrol submarines are designed for a full range of missions, including anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, special operations, and intelligence gathering.

The fleet is scheduled to be fielded by the Submarine Force Command from the Ilha da Madeira Submarine Base, located at the ItaguaĆ­ Naval Complex.

Besides the Riachuelo-class submarines, the PROSUB also oversees the local production of the Ɓlvaro Alberto nuclear-powered submarine; the acquisition of torpedoes and decoys; and the construction of the metallic structures manufacturing unit, a shipyard, maintenance facilities, a radiological complex, and a naval base.

S Riachuelo

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