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Images emerge of PLA's newest infantry weapons

Images have emerged on Chinese social media platforms showing a comprehensive line-up of the People's Liberation Army's (PLA's) newest infantry weapons.

None of the weapons shown in the images, which were posted in early June on Weibo, feature their official military designations, although some of them are already known.

The display included the 9 mm CS/LS7 sub-machine gun (SMG) that was observed during the 1 October 2019 military parade in Beijing. This weapon is thought to be meant as a replacement for the QCW-05 SMG, chambered in the 5.8 × 21 mm cartridge.

Both the standard length and carbine-length versions of the QBZ-191 assault rifle were also on display, as well as the QBU-191 designated marksman rifle variant, all three of which are chambered for the domestic 5.8 × 42 mm cartridge. The QBZ-191 is set to replace the QBZ-95 and QBZ-03 assault rifle series, whilst the QBU-191 will replace the QBU-88 sniper rifle.

A new family of polymer-framed, 9 mm pistols was also on display, which included a standard, a suppressed, and a compact model. The latter appears to be either striker fired or to feature a concealed hammer. This new family is likely a replacement for the QSZ-92 service pistol, the QCW-06 suppressed pistol, as well as some older designs such as the Type 74 suppressed pistol and the Type 77 and Type 84 compact pistols.

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