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Expodefensa 2019: WB Group makes first appearance at convention

Poland’s WB Group made its debut at the Expodefensa trade show in Bogota on 2 December, promoting products including its Flyeye mini unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and Warmate loitering munition.

The Flyeye is a modular system that can achieve launch readiness in less than 10 minutes. The aircraft is hand launched with no additional equipment, allowing it to be operated in tight spaces and confined areas, according to a company statement.

WB Group’s Flyeye mini-UAV on display at Expodefensa 2019. (Jane’s/Pat Host)

WB Group’s Flyeye mini-UAV on display at Expodefensa 2019. (Jane’s/Pat Host)

Jim Curtin, WB Group America president, told Jane’s on 3 December at Expodefensa 2019 that the company’s gimbal is the Flyeye’s differentiator. The GS4 gimbal, which WB Group develops and which Curtin said is the most expensive part of the aircraft, ejects at the end of a mission and parachutes to the ground. Curtin said ejecting the gimbal reduces the weight of the fuselage and reduces recovery damage as the aircraft flies in a circle before landing in a pre-determined location.

The GS4 weighs 2.2 kg and has a full high-definition (HD) view of stationary or moving targets with 30x optical zoom. It is gyro-stabilised in both the pan and tilt axes and has a full 360 degrees of horizontal and vertical motion. The GS4 has both infrared (IR) and electro-optical (EO) cameras.

Curtin said that the Flyeye spans the Group 1 and 2 UAV designation, as it is at the top end of Group 1 for weight, and added that it has Group 2 capability. Curtin said WB Group gains advantages in weight and power management by developing its own payloads as opposed to contracting them out.

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