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Vietnam outlines intent to procure K9 howitzer

The K9 SPH has a combat weight of 46.3 tonnes, a top road speed of 67 km/h, and an operational range of 360 km. (Hanwha Defense)

Vietnam's Ministry of Defence (MoD) has indicated that it is planning to procure the K9 self-propelled howitzer (SPH) – developed and produced by South Korea's Hanwha Aerospace – for the People's Army of Vietnam.

Vietnamese Vice-Minister of National Defence Hoang Xuan Chien expressed an intention to procure the K9 at the ‘11th Korea-Vietnam Defense Strategy Dialogue' held in Hanoi on 23 April, according to a press release issued by the South Korea's Ministry of National Defense (MND) one day later.

“Chien evaluated Korea's weapons systems and expressed his intention to expand defence industry co-operation, including the introduction of Korean weapon systems such as the K9 SPH [into the People's Army of Vietnam] and requested co-operation from the Korean government for this purpose,” the MND said.

In addition, the two sides agreed to strengthen co-operation in areas such as maritime security, cyber security, and logistics, the MND added.

To expand defence and defence industry co-operation, both countries agreed that the newly discussed areas of co-operation will be added to a bilateral defence co-operation agreement signed in 2010, according to the MND.

In April 2023 a Hanwha Aerospace spokesperson confirmed to Janes that Vietnamese officials visited the Hanwha facility to review the K9 SPH.

Vietnam requires new artillery to replace its decades-old inventories including 155 mm M114 and 105 mm M101 howitzers. Reportedly, the People's Army of Vietnam seeks to procure 108 units of 155 mm howitzers.

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