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Ukraine conflict: Ukraine deploying new indigenous C-UAS

The AD Counter FPV C-UAS developed locally by Kvertus is in service with the Ukrainian military. The device disrupts FPV RF signals, rendering the threats uncontrollable. (Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine/Mykhailo Fedorov)

Ukraine is deploying a new locally developed, portable counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) that blocks first-person view (FPVs) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The system – AD Counter FPV – is manufactured by Ukraine company Kvertus and is designed to disrupt FPVs operating in the 850–940 MHz radio frequency (RF) range.

According to Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov in late January, the system is in service with the Ukrainian military and is proving very effective with soldiers. It is also light, weighing 3 kg without a battery, and can be conveniently installed on vehicles, he added.

AD Counter FPV can disrupt FPVs within a 150 m radius of the equipment, if the FPV is at least 1,500 m from its controller, the manufacturer detailed on its website. The device encompasses a tripod, two antennas, and one 12–220 V inverter.

At the request of the military, Kvertus has created a backpack version of the AD Counter FPV, which is also deployed with the military, and has “proven itself as an indispensable item”, Fedorov said. The device weighs 8 kg, has a total 60 W power output, and can similarly disrupt FPVs from 150 m.

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