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SitaWare gains AI-powered intelligence, decision support tools

SitaWare Insight functions as an add-on capability to the SitaWare Headquarters system and brings AI-driven decision support and intelligence tools. (Systematic)

Systematic has developed decision support and intelligence software that is designed to bring additional capabilities to its widely deployed SitaWare Headquarters solution.

According to the command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) specialist, its SitaWare Insight software – which will be available as an add-on to the core solution – employs artificial intelligence (AI) to improve data collection, management, retrieval, and analysis, and enables users to exploit multiple and disparate sources.

Systematic says that the software has image recognition capabilities and can be trained to identify and tag objects, with the data stored for exploitation. Natural language processing technology also enables users to process documents and produce concise reports that highlight key information.

Further features include the ability to undertake pattern-of-life analysis, with Henrik Sommer, SitaWare Insight product manager, noting its potential use in the maritime domain in analysing automatic identification system (AIS) information. SitaWare Insight can learn what the typical activity is in an area and automatically detect anomalies for further investigation, he said.

The software has an underlying Cloud-native architecture and complies with both NATO and Federated Mission Networking requirements, which should simplify interoperability and information sharing across a coalition.

Sommer told Janes that a key driver in the development of SitaWare Insight was the increased availability and variety of data, along with the maturity of the technology for storage, analysis, and exploitation. These developments can meet commanders' demands to make better decisions and in a shortened timeframe, he noted.

During the development of SitaWare Insight, Systematic has been in dialogue with existing SitaWare Headquarters users and potential customers, Sommer said.

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