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PT Pindad conducts tests on the Harimau medium tank

PT Pindad is developing the Harimau in collaboration with Turkey's FNSS. (FNSS)

Indonesia's PT Pindad conducted firing tests on the Harimau medium tank during late February.

The Harimau was tested at the Indonesian Army's Infantry Education Center. PT Pindad is developing the medium tank in collaboration with Turkey's FNSS.

According to PT Pindad, the test-firing was part of a series of factory acceptance tests (FATs). These trials aimed to ensure that Harimau's 105 mm turret met the latest design and specification requirements, along with enhancement goals.

The test-firing was conducted with a stationary Harimau shooting at a 4x4 m static target that was stationed 1,250 m away. The medium tank fired high explosive plastic tracer and target practice cone stabilized discarding sabot with tracer projectiles. The firing tests included shooting at the front, right, left, and back of the vehicle.

The Harimau underwent acceleration and deceleration tests next. The vehicle also went through the parallel beam, embarkation, and embankment tests, as well as other trials. PT Pindad said the latest design enhancements on the medium tank include the front nose angle and increased visibility for the driver.

The Harimau previously completed FAT at FNSS's testing facility in August 2021. The trials included 60% climb obstacle, cross-trench, braking, 30% tilt cross, rotary radius, and water wading tests.

Janes previously reported that PT Pindad signed an agreement for co-operation with FNSS in February 2019 to develop the 30-tonne Harimau medium tank. The contract stipulated the production of an initial 18 tanks, with some being manufactured in Turkey and the remaining in PT Pindad's facility in Bandung, Indonesia. The Harimau's main armament comprises a John Cockerill Defence C3105 two-man turret system carrying a Cockerill 105 high-pressure (HP) gun.


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