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New Pakistan-bound J-10s carry maritime-strike camouflage

A new batch of Chengdu J-10CEs being built for the Pakistan Air Force have been seen with camouflage livery. The colours are similar to the PAF's maritime strike-capable Mirage 5s. (Noel Celis/AFP)

A new batch of J-10CE fighter jets being manufactured by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) have been seen with tactical camouflage colours. This suggests that the aircraft may be used in the low-level maritime strike role.

Imagery of the latest batch of J-10CEs under construction in China shows that the aircraft carry a green-gray camouflage scheme with sky blue undersides. The livery is a departure from the J-10's standard colour scheme of low-visibility gray. At least two separate J-10s have been photographed with this camouflage scheme, according to images, which have appeared on Weibo.

Janes assesses that the camouflage pattern is similar to the colour scheme employed by the PAF's Mirage 5PA fleet. These aircraft are tasked with low-level maritime attack duties.

The PAF's Mirage III/5 fleet of 177 aircraft comprises the PAF's only force capable of launching stand-off weapons. This includes the MBDA AM39 Exocet air-launched anti-ship missile, which is fielded by the PAF's Mirage 5PA3 fleet. These aircraft are operated by the PAF's No 8 Squadron at Masroor air force base, near Karachi.

The Mirages are also capable of launching Pakistan's Ra'ad and Ra'ad IIair-launched cruise missiles (ALCM), which have ranges of 350 km and 550 km respectively, according to Janes data.

In addition, according to Janes

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