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IDEF 2023: FNSS lifts lid on Kaplan Hybrid power system

FNSS Kaplan Hybrid powerpack at IDEF 2023. (Janes/Ben Burnett)

FNSS exhibited its Kaplan Hybrid vehicle powerpack for the first time at the 16th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF) held in Istanbul from 25 to 28 July.

Development of the powerpack commenced in 2021 through FNSS' Hybrid Power Group project, and although work continues, critical verification tests are scheduled to begin at the end of 2023. FNSS hopes to integrate a bespoke hybrid solution in its range of tracked vehicles and as an upgrade package to others through enhancement and life-extension programmes.

The FNSS Hybrid Power Group has sought to provide an alternative power solution for vehicles weighing up to 20 tons and work includes the development of locally produced suspension, power generation, drive systems, and gearboxes. The FNSS hybrid propulsion solution utilises a diesel-electric that enables silent watch and silent mobility while providing sufficient power generation for the installation of future weapon systems. FNSS states that the powerpack produces high torque at low engine revolutions, which enables improved acceleration over traditional drivetrains and lends itself to both reconnaissance and combat roles. Power is generated by a 400 hp diesel engine that drives two permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs), through a unique cross-drive two-speed gearbox that generates 397 continuous hp and can peak at 617 hp. This offers up to 48 hours of silent watch capability and can operate in the silent mobility mode for up to 20 km.

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