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Eastern Libyan faction constructing massive new base

The LAAF released photographs that may show the new airbase under construction. (Libyan Arab Armed Forces)

The Libyan Arab Armed Forces (LAAF) faction that controls eastern Libya announced on 15 May that it has begun building a new “military city” that will cover an area of 5,467 ha west of Benghazi.

It said the military city will have both an airbase and a seaport and will be used for all types of training.

The project is being led by Khalid Haftar, the commander of the Security Units and the son of LAAF Commander-in-Chief Khalifa Haftar.

The LAAF released photographs of the site showing numerous buildings are at least partly completed and a large gatehouse has been finished.

The photographs match a site that low-resolution satellite imagery shows is being constructed about 60 km south of Benghazi near Qaminis, where work began in June–July 2023. There is currently no indication that a seaport is being constructed but work on the airbase may have begun at the southern end of the site.

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