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Janes and Esri continue their longstanding partnership

Janes, the defence and intelligence provider, is delighted to announce its continued partnership with the international supplier of geographic information system software, Esri, on a project that will benefit their customer bases.

This isn’t the first time Janes and Esri have joined forces. In late September 2021 Janes became a Silver member of the Esri Partner Network. The partnership supported the delivery of Janes foundational interconnected open-source intelligence through Esri's ArcGIS system.

A more recent example of collaboration includes our mutual humanitarian support of the Afghan Evacuation. Janes foundational intelligence visualised through Esri’s ArcGIS platform supported the Commercial Task Force’s Afghan Evacuation efforts. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Janes and Esri delivered a rapid, automatic updated common intelligence picture

The backbone that brings everything together is Janes Intara - integrating disparate datasets to common entities whilst the Esri ArcGIS provides the software that enables customers to visualise these interconnected spatial and non-spatial data points. Connecting Janes data with data from multiple commercial open-source intelligence providers enhances situational awareness in a rapidly evolving relationship.

Ben Conklin, Chief Product Officer at Janes said “I am delighted that the Janes and Esri partnership continues enable customers to contextualise multiple disparate data sources to increase their understanding of the operational environment. Being able to bring together resources to help those in Afghanistan and increase our customers situational awareness of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is what makes the Esri and Janes partnership really valuable”. 

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