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Cameroon modifying helicopters with Ukrainian ATGMs

Cameroon has taken delivery of Ukrainian-made Bar’er-V helicopter-launched anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) systems, according to Russian and Ukrainian reports.

An Mi-24 modified to carry Bar’er-V missiles. (State Kyiv Design Bureau )

An Mi-24 modified to carry Bar’er-V missiles. (State Kyiv Design Bureau )

A Russian defence blogger initially made the claim on 7 August, saying the delivery took place from Hostomel Airport to the Cameroonian Air Force in December 2019. Worth USD2.41 million, it included 38 RK-2V Bar’er-V ATGMs, two 524-RE electro-optical targeting systems, and two KM-01V Adros active protection systems for countering infrared-guided missiles.

No source was provided but Ukraine’s Defense Express magazine reported exactly the same details on 12 August, sourcing the information to, a Chinese website that describes itself as an international trade data service. The Ukrainian story included a screenshot showing the relevant entry and added that the shipment also included two KTK-1M missile test sets.

The RK-2V is the version of the laser-guided Bar’er ATGM that the State Kyiv Design Bureau (Luch) developed as an upgrade for Mi-24/35 and Mi-8/17 helicopters. The 524-R/RK-2V combination is reportedly already fitted to Azerbaijan’s modified Mi-24G attack helicopters.


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