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CAE demonstrates Soldier Virtual Trainer solution

The components of the CAE-led partnership SVT solution demonstrated at I/ITSEC 23. The modified weapon (top) and the virtual range with instructions displayed on a screen (bottom). (Giles Ebbutt)

The CAE-led partnership developing the Soldier Virtual Trainer (SVT) demonstrated its solution at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) 2023 in Orlando.

The SVT is an immersive trainer using virtual, mixed, and augmented reality that will provide individual training in three areas: weapons skills development (WSD), use of force (UoF), and joint fires trainer (JFT). The system is scheduled for integration into the US Army's Synthetic Training Environment (STE).

The CAE-led partnership, which includes Serious Simulations, Haptech, FAAC, 4C Strategies, and Odyssey Arm, was awarded an Other Transactional Authority (OTA) contract for Phase II of the SVT programme. The award was announced in July. The same group produced a Phase I SVT solution following a USD2.9 million OTA contract awarded in June 2022.

The element demonstrated at I/ITSEC was the WSD solution, which will replace the current Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) and which supports marksmanship training. The system consists of a modified real weapon, which uses a camera system to assess fall of shot in a virtual environment.

The weapon modifications consist of a drop-in bolt, a surrogate magazine, a weapon sensor skin, an onboard computer, and a muzzle-mounted optical tracking device. The simulated recoil from the drop-in bolt is powered by an electric motor in the magazine, which also functions as a magazine, recording the number of rounds fired. The recoil system is provided by Haptech.

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