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UK Strategic Command explores AI-based force protection under Project TALOS

US company Anduril Industries is to demonstrate novel artificial intelligence (AI)-based multi-domain force protection technology to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) under a contract with Strategic Command's Innovation Hub (jHub).

Valued at GBP3.8 million (USD5.24 million) over a two-year period – one base year plus one option – the award forms Phase II of an activity known as Project TALOS. The hardware ‘subscription service' with Anduril covers the provision of a perimeter security system, inclusive of software updates and vendor support, and includes integration of the MoD's own Sensing for Asset Protection with Integrated Electronic Networked Technology (SAPIENT) software.

Designed to protect personnel and infrastructure, Anduril's force protection solution for Project TALOS combines the proprietary Lattice AI operating system with a network of sensors – including Sentry Towers, ground sensors, and Ghost 4 unmanned aerial systems (UAS) – to autonomously detect, classify, and track targets. The technology alerts operators to threats from ground intrusion or UAS and presents options for mitigation or engagement.

Lattice is an AI software backbone that uses sensor fusion, machine learning, and mesh networking to integrate real-time data from Anduril hardware and third-party systems into a single, autonomous operating picture. Sentry sensor towers work together via Lattice to augment awareness in remote locations, while the Ghost 4 UAS provides real-time surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance capabilities.

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