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Paris Air Show 2023: Rafael unveils new AI decision support suite

The ‘Targets' component of Rafael's Advanced Defense Systems Puzzle suite, which presents to the user the date, time, and priorities of identified targets. (Rafael Advanced Defense Systems)

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) decision support suite called Puzzle at the Paris Air Show 2023 held from 19 to 25 June.

The Puzzle suite integrates information from diverse sensors to create a comprehensive and filtered dataset enabled by AI, which processes and analyses large volumes of information to aid the decision making process. Using this information, the suite can understand the necessary targets and assign the appropriate effectors, bridging the sensor-to-shooter circuit, Guy Oren, vice-president of Rafael's intelligence, space, and cyber division, told Janes .

According to Oren, the suite is called Puzzle because it comprises four components. The first component, known as ‘Imilite', receives visual information such as satellite imagery and is based on legacy system RecceLite, while the second component, ‘Signal.AI', collects communications and electronics data. The third component, called ‘Targets', utilises this data and presents the relevant target information to the user, while the final element, ‘Force', constructs attack plans and assigns targets to the appropriate effectors.

Puzzle can be integrated into a customer's existing command-and-control systems and is designed for battalion- and headquarters-level echelons. It can be provided as a collective suite or offered individually, Oren said.

The company also develops Fire Weaver, a system that similarly fuses weapons and sensors into a network. Oren acknowledged that there were similarities between the two; however, he stressed that Puzzle was more suited for high-capacity forces and long-range missions. In addition, the solution has more advanced intelligence and decision making abilities.

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