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Jordanian military displays SR5 MRLs for king's silver jubilee

The SR5s in the parade were fitted with pods for 122 mm munitions. (Royal Hashemite Court)

The Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) is operating Chinese-made SR5 multiple rocket launchers (MRLs), it was revealed during the parade marking the 25th anniversary of King Abdullah II's reign on 9 June.

The television coverage of the event showed the parade included examples of most of the JAF's primary systems, including two SR5s that the commentator noted entered service in 2023 and can launch 122, 230, and 300 mm projectiles with a maximum range of 150 km.

The SR5s followed two Chinese-made 273 mm MRLs that were known to be in Jordanian service, although the commentator identified the type as the WM-80 rather than the WM-120, as widely presumed, saying it entered service in 2008 and has a maximum range of 83 km.

The parade also featured the Royal Jordanian Artillery Corps' counter-battery radars, which the commentator identified as a Cobra, TQ-37 (AN/TPQ-37), and TQ-38, although the latter appeared to be an AN/TPQ-36. The United Kingdom transferred five of its Cobra radars to Jordan in 2016.

The radars were followed by a large unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that the commentator identified as the Shaheen and said entered service with the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) earlier in 2024 and has the ability to engage static and moving targets with guided weapons.

This was the same Shaheen that Jordan's Jadara Equipment & Defense Systems Company advertises as a product, although there has been no previous indication that significant progress had been made on its development.

For more information on the SR5, please seeSR5 (122 mm/270 mm); SR7 (122 mm) .

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