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InVeris demonstrates its new SRCE mixed reality training environment

Exercising troops spot an enemy soldier in the SRCE virtual environment. (InVeris)

At I/ITSEC this week InVeris demonstrated SRCE – a mixed reality training environment. SRCE uses a VR headset and a pack with processing capability to enable exercising troops to see enemy and civilians and to engage them with small arms fire.

SRCE builds on InVeris existing marksmanship trainer, which is a programme of record for both the US Army and US Marine Corps. At present the system can cover 10,000 square feet with the aim to double that in the next year. Similarly it aims to expand the number of troops that can exercise concurrently. At present that amounts to a a fire team expanding to a 15-man squad next year with the ultimate goal of a battalion by the end of 2022.

The SRCE environment demonstrated this week uses modular walls provided by Trango systems. These are not essential to the system but does enable one of its features, which is allowing troops across multiple sites to train in the same synthetic environment simultaneously. A modular wall system means exactly the same layout can be built in more than one location.

A final element of SRCE is the after action review function, which tracks where soldiers were looking at the same time as where their barrel was pointed.

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