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ILA 2024: Bombardier rolls out Luftwaffe's PEGASUS ahead of mission modifications

Bombardier has completed its foundational modification work package for the PEGASUS, ahead of the aircraft being further modified by Lufthansa Technik Defense and Hensoldt in Germany. (Bombardier)

Bombardier has rolled out the first Global 6000 business jet that is set to be modified to the Persistent German Airborne Surveillance System (PEGASUS) configuration for the Luftwaffe.

Announced at the ILA Berlin Air Show 2024, running from 5 to 9 June, the milestone concludes the foundational modification work package carried out by the Canadian-based airframer in the United States, ahead of the aircraft being further modified by Lufthansa Technik Defense and Hensoldt in Germany.

“The first aircraft has now rolled out from the Bombardier Defense modification line in Wichita, [Kansas], and is being prepared for the start of ground testing and for the subsequent flight. The remaining two aircraft are undergoing modifications in Bombardier's facility,” Bombardier said.

News of the latest milestone came months after the PEGASUS programme passed its critical design review (CDR) in November 2023.

Germany is acquiring three Global 6000-based PEGASUS systems, which will be equipped with the Hensoldt Kalaetron Integral system. The Luftwaffe expects to use the PEGASUS to provide NATO with signals intelligence (SIGINT) capability from 2025. Janes was recently told by an official speaking under the Chatham House Rule that the separate Luftgestützte Wirkung im Elektromagnetischen Spektrum (luWES) programme to provide NATO with an airborne electronic attack capability, which was due in 2025 before being put back to 2030, has now been “put on hold” while the Luftwaffe prioritises the introduction into service of the Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.

For more information on PEGASUS, please see Germany's PEGASUS passes critical design review .

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