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Germany opens IRIS-T training facility

The Todendorf training facility will support the training of German and other NATO and ESSI countries that procure the IRIS-T SLM (pictured). (Diehl)

The Luftwaffe, Diehl Defence, and Gebäudemanagement Schleswig-Holstein (GMSH) have opened a ground-based air-defence (GBAD) training facility at the Todendorf training ground on Germany's Baltic Sea coast. Diehl said in a press release on 3 August that it would support the Bundeswehr in training, qualification, and maintenance of the IRIS-T SLM (Surface Launched Medium Range) ground-based air-defence (GBAD) system. The facility in Todendorf will support the training of German and all other NATO and European Sky Shield Initiative (ESSI) countries that procure the IRIS-T SLM.

The first training sessions will begin during the third quarter of 2023 and the facility is expected to reach its full capacity by 2024. This will include training users so they can train other personnel.

The facility has a school for theoretical training, an outdoor area for system training, a maintenance hangar and warehouse, and a computer training room for operational and tactical software training on command and control. The Luftwaffe will provide operational and tactical training and Diehl will be responsible for the industrial aspects.

Diehl said its training services are designed mainly for the IRIS-T SLM but could be extended to other systems such as the IRIS-SLS (Surface Launched Short Range).

The budget committee of the Bundestag, Germany's parliament, approved the procurement of six IRIS-T SLM systems on 14 June.

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