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DSA 2024: Poly Technologies showcases new armed large unmanned underwater vehicle

Poly Technologies' UUV300CB LLUV was displayed at the DSA 2024 exhibition in Malaysia. (Janes/Vinod Kumar CV)

China's Poly Technologies has displayed a new multimission-capable large unmanned underwater vehicle (LUUV) at the Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2024 exhibition held in Kuala Lumpur.

According to the company, the LUUV – named UUV300CB – can undertake missions including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance and minelaying operations.

A Poly Technologies official told Janes that the UUV300CB is in development phase and that several variants of the platform could be produced by the company.

A cutaway model of the platform displayed at DSA 2024 shows torpedo tubes, a belly bay for loading EM12-500/1000 mines or UUVs, an image intelligence and reconnaissance mast, an electromagnetic intelligence and reconnaissance mast, sonar systems, and a covered vertical launcher for small missiles in its rear.

Other capabilities include satellite/ultra-high frequency communication and low acoustic signature.

The UUV300CB has a length of 11.8 m, a beam of 1.5 m, a width of 2 m, and a height of 2.7 m. It weighs about 11 tonnes. The vessel has an operating depth of 300 m, runs on electric propulsion, and comes with a range of 350 km at a maximum speed of 12 kt.

Onshore support facilities include a 40 ft container-sized control post, a 20 ft shore-based control station, and a 20 ft logistics container.

For more information, please seeChina Navy .

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