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Brazilian Army to increase the use of helicopter simulation

The Brazilian Army is developing an FTD and is to acquire an FFS for its HM-1A Pantera helicopter. (Helibras-Helicópteros do Brasil SA)

The Brazilian Army Aviation Command (CAvEx) is increasing its use of combat simulation technologies for advanced training for its helicopter personnel.

The simulation training for helicopter flight and maintenance crews is run by the Simulation Division, which was established in 2016 by the Army Aviation Instruction Center (CIAvEx) at the Fort Ricardo Kirk in Taubaté, State of São Paulo.

Colonel Luiz Marcelo Chan Fock de Oliveira, commander of the CIAvEx, has said full-flight simulators (FFSs) will be introduced for the HM-4 Jaguar and the HM-1A Pantera helicopters.

The acquisition process has started for the HM-4 Jaguar (local designation for the Airbus Helicopters H225M) FSS, and a tender to acquire the simulators for the HM-1A Pantera is to be launched shortly, the army told Janes .

The FFS for the HM-4 Jaguar will also be used to train flight crews for the H225Ms, in service with the air force (known as the H-36 Caracal) and the navy (known as UH-15, UH-15A, and AH-15B Super Cougar), the army said.

In addition, the in-house development of a flight training device (FTD) for the HM-1A Pantera helicopter is being finalised, Col Chan said. It principally consists of a helicopter crew cabin and a 180° screen full visual system with three HD projectors and three dedicated and networked computers running the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card.

Other simulation training tools will be gradually implemented, Col Chan said, including a simulation device for the newly received XMobots V2-1 Nauru unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a mixed-reality simulation capacity, and an automatic interaction capability between existing virtual and constructive simulation technologies.

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