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BAE Systems to upgrade Royal Navy radars for GBP270 million

BAE Systems will support radars on UK Royal Navy Type 45 destroyers, such as HMS Dauntless . (Derek Fox)

BAE Systems has received a GBP270 million (USD338.71 million) contract to support the radars on Royal Navy (RN) Type 23 and Type 26 frigates, Type 45 destroyers, and the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers.

The company will upgrade, maintain, and provide in-service support for the BAE Systems Sampson multifunction radar and Advanced Radar Target Indication Situational Awareness and Navigation (ARTISAN) 3D solution equipped on the ships as well as other “long-range radars”, Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) announced on 9 June.

The 10-year contract, expected to run until 2032, was placed by the DE&S Maritime Anti-Air Weapons Systems (MAWS) team.

ARTISAN is an S-band (2–4 GHz) 3D air and surface surveillance radar equipped on various RN ships including the Type 23 and Type 26 and Queen Elizabeth and Albion classes. The system has a maximum detection range of 108 n mile. In total, 21 units have been ordered by the RN.

Sampson is an S-band (2–4 GHz) dual-faced, active array, 3D multifunction naval radar designed for point and area defence applications in heavily congested environments. The system has a maximum detection range of 216 n mile and is fitted on all six of the RN's Type 45 destroyers.

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