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Ukraine conflict: Ukrainian military using UK C-UAV system

AUDS, a C-UAV system capable of detecting, tracking, and disrupting small UAVs, is being used by the Ukrainian military (library picture). (Blighter Surveillance Systems)

The Ukrainian military appears to be fielding a UK-developed counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAV) system.

Imagery posted on Twitter on 12 July closely resembles components of the Anti-UAV Defence System (AUDS) produced by UK companies Chess Dynamics, Blighter Surveillance Systems, and Enterprise Control Systems (ECS).

AUDS is designed to detect, track, classify, and disrupt small UAVs, and is equipped with Blighter Surveillance Systems A400 series air security radar, Chess Dynamics' Hawkeye Deployable System (DS) and electro-optical (EO) video tracker for tracking and classifying targets, and ECS's smart radio frequency (RF) inhibitor.

The A400 system is an electronic scanning micro-Doppler radar operating in the Ku-band and has a maximum detection range of 8 km, while the RF inhibitor can interfere with UAV command channels covering the GNSS 433 MHz, 815 MHz, and 2.4 GHz frequency ranges.

The integrated solution is available in three configurations – a portable platform for rooftop installation; a deployable option for forward-operating bases; and a fixed system for critical infrastructure. It is not clear which configuration the Ukrainian military is using.

AUDS has been used operationally in Iraq and Syria.

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