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FAdeA reveals new IA-100 Malvina trainer for Argentine Air Force

FAdeA's proposed IA-100 Malvina trainer is intended for service in the Argentine Air Force and for export. (FAdeA)

Argentina's FAdeA presented its new IA-100 Malvina elementary and primary trainer project in April, which is to serve the Argentine Air Force and is expected to be available for international sale.

Carlos Rohde, FadeA's business development manager, said the aircraft will be built with composite materials, have a maximum speed of 155 kt and a stall speed of 57 kt, a range of 590 n miles, and an endurance of 4.5 hours. The service ceiling will be 18,000 ft, while the load factor will be +6 and -3 G. The cabin will accommodate up to three people.

The aircraft is meant to perform elementary and primary training, with formation, aerobatic, instrument flight rules (IFR), visual flight rules (VFR), and night navigation capabilities.

Rohde estimated that the cost per flight hour would be USD185 and said the aircraft is expected to fly by the end of 2022, and be certified by the end of 2023.

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