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ENAER showcases new Pillán II trainer project for Chilean Air Force

ENAER's Pillán II project would replace the Chilean Air Force T-35 Pillán trainers. (Santiago Rivas)

Chile's ENAER in April revealed its new Pillán II project for a basic trainer to replace the T-35 Pillán type in the Chilean Air Force and for export.

Henry Cleveland, ENAER's executive director, said the new project is based on an integrated pilot instruction system, where training will be intended for making the transition to the most advanced models as easy as possible. The aircraft will have a glass cockpit and a Head Up Display, and the system will have a simulator and mission planner, as well as a debriefing system.

While the aircraft bears some resemblance to its predecessor, the T-35 Pillán, it is a different aircraft, with a redesigned wing, more length, and a new cabin. The company finalised the conceptual phase of the project, which lasted all of 2021. The objective is to fly a prototype for the first time in 2025, and certify the model by 2026, according to Cleveland.

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