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Aero A2Z, Airobotics partner to manufacture autonomous drone-in-a-box solution

Aero A2Z Optimus System with a climate-controlled container and an unmanned aerial vehicle. (Janes/Akshara Parakala)

Israeli-based Airobotics Ltd has partnered with Indian-based Aero A2Z Services to manufacture an autonomous drone-in-a-box solution known as the Optimus System.

The partnership is geared for the Indian market, Vikas Batra, Aero A2Z Services director told Janes at the 4th Drone International Expo 2023 held in Delhi from 26 to 27 July.

The technology transfer was completed and Aero A2Z started manufacturing the Optimus System in 2022, Batra added.

The Optimus System has been demonstrated to various services across the world including police forces, Batra added.

The product line in India will target the requirements of the police, defence, and oil sectors.

The Optimus System is fully autonomous and based on military standards (MILSTD) and caters to persistent surveillance requirements.

The container-based system includes an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a stack of nine payloads, 11 batteries, a robotic arm, and a dedicated software platform.

The system is operated through a mission-based computer where the UAV is automatically launched for the collection of data with a specified payload.

The UAV will then feed the data gathered to the mission computer. The system incorporates a robotic arm that allows the set-up to interchange payloads automatically, with inputs provided by the operator.

The system features an integrated battery management system, which automatically swaps the exhausted battery with a charged one in less than 1.5 minutes to continue the mission.

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