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4GD completes SmartFacility installation for the UK's 16 Air Assault Brigade

The United Kingdom-based 4GD, a close-combat immersive training company, has completed installation of its Level 2 SmartFacility, a close-quarters training system, at the base of the British Army’s 16 Air Assault Brigade in Colchester, according to an 8 March press release.

Installation of the Level 2 facility, which consists of 4GD’s SimWall and 4GAV systems combined, started on 4 January, the press release states. It is capable of providing a close-combat training environment for a platoon-sized formation.

SimWall is a reconfigurable modular panel system that enables thousands of room and building configurations to be arranged within a single space, allowing a force to practise multiple scenarios without relocating, the company states.

SimWall represents Level 1 of 4GD’s SmartFacility offering, and for 16 Brigade it has been paired with the 4GAV special effects and video monitoring system. According to 4GD, 4GAV can provide an immersive training environment, including smell, sound, smoke, and environmental simulation. 4GAV can be sensor-activated or controlled by a user interface.

The training scenarios are observed and controlled by an instructor using a dual-tablet display, while a video feedback system is included for real-time and after-action reviews. The system has been designed with influence from the 4GD team’s operational experience as former Royal Marines, with the goal of better preparing armed forces for deployments abroad.

Urban warfare training is usually delivered through high-intensity training packages at infrequent intervals, James Crowley, 4GD’s business development manager, told Janes in December 2020, but the SmartFacility provides for more frequent access to the training, which can help maintain skills.

4GD’s SimFacility, with its reconfigurable SimWalls, which allow multiple building configurations to be experienced within one space.  (4GD)

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