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Janes and the Bundeswehr

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Janes unrivalled open-source intelligence and analysis provides the Bundeswehr with critical insight into current and future military capabilities, the global risk environment, and emerging national security threats. Bundeswehr employees can currently access the following Janes Online Intelligence Centres:

  • Janes Defence Equipment and Technology Centre
  • Janes Military Capabilities
  • Janes Country Intelligence
  • Janes Defence Industry and Markets Intelligence Centre
  • Janes Terrorism and Insurgency Centre
  • Janes News Module
  • Janes Defence Budgets

Please note that the Janes products you have access to is dependent on which branch within the Bundeswehr you are a part of.

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Verified and validated open-source intelligence to support your mission.


Installations, military capabilities, order of battle, and satellite imagery analysis.

PMESII reports and country stability indicators for over 180 countries.


Equipment intelligence including profiles, specifications, weapons, sub-systems, and manufacturers.

Events that impact risk and security, including terrorism and insurgency.