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19 October 2023

Israel-Gaza conflict: Implications of the clash on Israel's economy

The outbreak of conflict between Israel and Hamas-led groups on 7 October 2023 has led to the disrup...

09 March 2021

Deadly threats persist: deaths from terrorist activity up 20%, says Janes

2020 full-year terrorism figures from Janes highlight 2,543 more deaths in 2020 from terrorist activ...

18 February 2021

10 percent decline in Gulf defence spending expected in 2021, says Janes

The latest analysis from Janes highlights that defence spending in Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) c...

18 February 2021

China influences social media with nationalistic narratives

Key PointsAn online investigation by Janes has identified a Chinese influence operation on Twitter, ...

02 February 2021

Analysis: India faces real-terms cut in defence funding

India’s 2021–22 defence budget climbs mildly in nominal terms to USD65.5 billion, but Janes analysi...
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