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Janes at GEOINT 2024

Janes provides the largest collection of assured defence and security open-source intelligence, and delivers an unrivalled breadth and depth of foundational global defence OSINT across military capabilities and orders of battle, equipment, events, and markets.

Throughout GEOINT 2024 we will be demonstrating Janes Intara, which interconnects Janes assured data in an API-accessible knowledge graph that can be integrated directly into internal high- and low-side environments or accessed through a variety of end-user applications. Bringing all relevant data into a single environment enables all users to access the same datasets from which to build their assessments. When integrated into geospatial platforms customers can visualise interconnected spatial and non-spatial data points to achieve intelligence advantage.

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Demonstrations on the booth will include:

How Janes natural language processing capability reveals Taiwan airspace disturbances

This demonstration shows how using Janes interconnected foundational intelligence and natural language processing capability, Janes analysts were able to monitor and track the movement of aircraft from the People's Liberation Army over a two-year period.

Janes Intara Inside Naval ISR and Force Protection

This demonstration highlights how Janes Intara, built within the Esri ArcGIS platform, can be integrated into an existing naval system to deliver assured foundational intelligence to support intelligence workflows.


Kissimmee, Florida


5th - 8th May 2024



Improving global security begins with trusted intelligence

Access the world's most complete foundational military data asset and integrate 100 million connections across defence and security data points into your high- and low-side environments and systems.