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Janes at Esri FedGis 2024

Date: 13th - 14th feb 2024
Location: Washington DC

Throughout Esri User Conference 2024 we will be demonstrating how Janes Intara's unique data model links millions of assured data points across military capabilities and order of battle, equipment, events and defense markets to create a framework of interconnected intelligence, that can be accessed via a system of your choice.

Easy integration into existing systems or platforms such as Esri ArcGIS within high- or low-side environments combined with the ability to connect, enrich, and contextualise multiple data sources accelerating decision making by significantly reducing the time from collection and data acquisition to mission insights.

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Demonstrations on the booth will include:

Integrating into high and low side environments

This demonstration shows how using Janes interconnected foundational intelligence and natural language processing capability our analysts were able to monitor the movement of aircraft from the People's Liberation Army over a two year period.

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Chinese engagement in Afghanistan

By analysing publicly and commercially available information Janes specialist team of experienced and expert analysts delivers data and insight that enables you to understand China's efforts to project power, control and influence around the world.

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Discover how Janes assured open-source intelligence delivers a validated, independent, impartial perspective on threats and capabilities.

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