Janes will be exhibiting at booth 326 providing demonstrations of Janes Intara. Providing the best possible information and advice in support of government decision-making requires utilization of all relevant data, including the vast amounts of high-quality data available in the public domain. Janes Intara interconnects millions of assured data points across Janes foundational intelligence, with the ability to integrate and contextualize multiple sources, delivering the mission critical intelligence data you need, rapidly, in a way you can use it. 

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Janes Intara in Naval ISR and Integrated Naval Systems

This demonstration, built up on the Esri online platform, showcases how Janes interconnected intelligence can be integrated and used in commercial off the shelf systems and systems of record already available.

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Esri Federal GIS Conference 2023 This is the largest GIS event for the federal government and we will be demonstrating how Janes Intara can be viewed within a commercial solution like Esri’s ArcGIS.