The OSINT Agency - Trusted open-source Intelligence from Janes

Improving global security through trusted intelligence

When you need operational certainty, you require deep and focused open-source intelligence. Easily integrated into your existing system, Janes Intara interconnects over 70 million assured data points across Janes foundational military intelligence. The ability to integrate and contextualize multiple sources delivers faster access to mission critical data to those that need it, when they need it.

Intelligence that is interoperable and discoverable

Janes assured open-source defense intelligence is interconnected in an API-enabled graph database, designed to be consumed by high- and low-side environments. It can enrich, interconnect, and integrate multiple sources to provide mission users with intelligence that is actionable, global, and shareable with allies and partners.

Harnessing unstructured data

Today's mission user is flooded with data. Janes global team of OSINT analysts verify each data point to deliver the highest levels of assurance. It is then structured and organized enabling entities to be interconnected and integrated into existing systems of record.

Janes has the world's most complete foundational military data asset

Janes - Military equipment intelligence - Image of Fighter jet

Structured and organized using our unique proprietary data model...

which enables us to link entities together to deliver interconnected intelligence.

Allowing you to approach any intelligence question from any direction

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Janes Intara interconnects all of Janes complex, curated entities in a graph database.

  • The API-enabled graph is designed to be consumed in high- and low-side environments
  • Unclassified and assured
  • Platform- and system-agnostic
  • Single source of truth graph

Tens of millions

Assured graph statements


350 person years

Analyst data model development


500,000+ hours per year

Analyst time to keep data current


Unstructured content entity extraction


Surface key entities and relationships


Integration of 3rd party structured data

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Janes - OSINT Agency - Trusted Open-source Intelligence Janes - OSINT Agency - Unrivalled open-source intelligence - millions of data points interconnected in a graph database - Mission critical military and security intelligence.