Terrorism & Insurgency


  • Risk of religious conflict in Sri Lanka increases

    The April 2019 terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka focused attention on the unresolved communal tensions affecting the country. Derek Henry Flood examines the complex ethno-linguistic and religious divisions that are likely to shape the risk of further violence, potentially between Muslim and Buddhist communities
  • Extreme right activists build transnational narratives online

    The threat posed by the extreme right has gained greater prominence in 2019. Mark Wilson surveys the online extreme-right landscape, examines the narratives being deployed among users from different countries, and assesses how these communities are likely to evolve
  • Struggle for Syria’s future centres around Euphrates river

    With the Islamic State defeated in Baghouz, attention will turn to the multiple competing forces ranged around the Euphrates river in Syria's Deir al-Zour governorate. Derek Henry Flood embeds with local forces in Deir al-Zour to assess the dynamics
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