Terrorism & Insurgency


  • Social media changes force OSINT practitioners to adapt

    An apparent crackdown by social media platforms prompted concern in the OSINT community in June 2019. Veli-Pekka Kivimäki examines the changes that took place and assesses the outlook for the work of OSINT practitioners
  • Risk of religious conflict in Sri Lanka increases

    The April 2019 terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka focused attention on the unresolved communal tensions affecting the country. Derek Henry Flood examines the complex ethno-linguistic and religious divisions that are likely to shape the risk of further violence, potentially between Muslim and Buddhist communities
  • Extreme right activists build transnational narratives online

    The threat posed by the extreme right has gained greater prominence in 2019. Mark Wilson surveys the online extreme-right landscape, examines the narratives being deployed among users from different countries, and assesses how these communities are likely to evolve
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  • UK Chief of Defence Intelligence looks to OSINT

    Publicly available data will be the backbone of the UK military’s situational awareness in future conflicts and crises, according to the country’s Chief of Defence Intelligence (CDI), Lieutenant-General James Hockenhull. Speaking at a briefing at the Defence & Security Equipment
  • Excalibur Army details its Patriot II 4×4

    Excalibur Army revealed new details about its Patriot II 4×4 protected mobility vehicle at MSPO 2019 in Poland, held from 3 to 6 September in Kielce. The vehicle was developed as a collaboration between H Cegielski-Poznan SA and Tatra Defence Vehicles. It was first publicly displayed at