Military Capabilities

  • Indian Navy extends maritime surveillance capability with additional naval air squadrons

    India’s federal government has approved three additional naval air squadrons that will be based in western and southern India to augment the Indian Navy’s (IN’s) maritime domain awareness (MDA). The surveillance squadrons, each comprising four licence-built Dornier Do-228 maritime

  • Israel hits Iranian and Syrian targets

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) traded fire with Iran’s Qods Force and Syria air defences during 20–21 January in the most significant escalation since 9–10 May 2018, when the IDF responded to a rocket attack with extensive airstrikes. The escalation began on 20 January, when the

  • Luftwaffe A400M squadron to support special forces

    The third flying squadron of Air Transport Wing 62 (Lufttransportgeschwader [LTG] 62), the Luftwaffe’s A400M unit in Wunstorf, south of Berlin, is preparing to conduct missions in support of evacuation operations and special forces, the service announced on its website. LTG 62’s 3.

  • Russian Airborne Troops could become airmobile expeditionary force

    The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) is considering a reform of the Airborne Troops (VDV) that would change their mission from large-scale paradrops to expeditionary operations in global hotspots. Citing MoD sources, Russian newspaper Izvestia reported on 17 January that the VDV could become

  • Polish and Lithuanian territorial armies agree to co-operate

    The commander of the Polish territorial army (the Wojska Obrony Terytorialnej [WOT]), General Wieslaw Kukula, signed a co-operation agreement with Lithuanian territorial army (KASP) commander Colonel Dainius Pašvenskas on 18 January. Under the agreement, the two territorial armies

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