Jane's Intelligence Review


  • Growth of privately held data increases risk of espionage

    The breadth and depth of data held by private technology companies are increasing at unprecedented rates. Anjuli RK Shere and Neil Ashdown examine the changing landscape and how nation-states might target these companies for intelligence collection
  • Right-wing extremists aspire to CBRN weapons use

    During the past two decades, attack plots involving CBRN weapons have largely been associated with militant Islamists. The increase in right-wing extremist militant activity in the United States and Western Europe since 2015 has entailed individuals looking towards use of CBRN weapons. Dr Stephan Blancke assesses the risks posed
  • Development of Russian PRS-1M missile continues

    Russia's next generation Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) system has finished a series of test launches and is believed to have been successful in both its performance and capabilities. Malcolm Claus assesses the information presented on this missile, the reasons for its development, and its potential role in Russia's air and space defence
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