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  • Syrian Kurds remain steadfast in seeking autonomy

    The majority-Kurdish areas east of the Euphrates in Syria are holding out for a deal with Damascus on autonomy. Jonathan Spyer reports from the region on its strategic importance for the country's future
  • UK revises counter-terrorism strategy ahead of Brexit

    The United Kingdom has revised its CONTEST counter-terrorism strategy ahead of its exit from the European Union. Matthew Redhead examines the fourth version of CONTEST against the backdrop of Brexit and uncertain EU-UK security co-operation
  • Indicators track Iranian threat to Strait of Hormuz shipping

    Any Iranian attempt to close the Strait of Hormuz to commercial shipping is a low-probability, high-impact scenario with global ramifications. As Iran-US tensions heighten ahead of Washington’s reimposition of sanctions on Tehran from 6 August, Jeremy Binnie , Reed Foster , and Nazanin Soroush analyse the indicators of conflict in the Strait and the likely trajectory of any confrontation
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