• Kosovo begins to form army

    Kosovo’s parliament in Priština approved legislation on 14 December to establish a defence ministry and transform the lightly-armed 2,500-strong Kosovo Security Force (KSF) into a full-fledged 5,000-strong armed force with 3,000 reservists. The parliamentary vote was boycotted by

  • India to conduct military exercises with several African states in March

    The Indian Army (IA) is seeking to deepen its defence ties with the armies of about a dozen African countries by conducting joint training and military exercises with them in early 2019. Official sources told Jane’s that the armies of Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania, among others,

  • Russian official says S-300V4 deterring coalition aircraft in northeast Syria

    The deployment of an S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile system has reduced US-led coalition air activity over northeast Syria, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov told reporters on 17 December after a visit to the Middle East country. While Russian news organisation presumed this was a

  • Strike Brigade experimentation to look at security operations

    Security operations exercises looking at how to counter hybrid warfare threats will be carried out by the British Army’s strike experimentation organisations in 2019 as part of ongoing efforts to prepare for the formation of the service’s two Strike Brigades and component Strike-roled

  • US Navy faces headwinds as it struggles to maintain its fleet

    The US Navy (USN) is struggling to properly maintain its fleet because of a shortage of space in its shipyards, the spectre of a possible sequester, and the likely future effects of climate change, USN and government watchdog officials have told US lawmakers. “Completing maintenance on time


  • Potential for wider Iranian Kurdish insurgency increases

    Iranian Kurdish insurgents are stepping up their military activities against the government in Tehran. Dr Jonathan Spyer reports from northern Iraq on the fallout from Iranian action against the PDKI and KDP-I
  • OSINT Snapshot: Procurement files detail plans for new Russian SIGINT system

    Jane's OSINT snapshots are brief analyses of recent national security-related news using lesser-visited online sources. Bart Hendrickx uses Russian-language procurement documents and academic papers to trace the outlines of a new Russian signals intelligence system
  • Annual Defence Report 2018: Middle East & Africa

    Syria has stabilised, but tensions remain on the front lines of the areas of influence carved out by external powers. Meanwhile, the war in Yemen has come into sharper focus, with the US using Iran's support for the rebels to bolster its efforts to isolate Tehran even as the growing civilian death toll threatens arms exports to the Arab Gulf countries. Jeremy Binnie reports
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