• Europe steps up EU policing strategy

    In 2018, the European Union began to implement its third Policy Cycle on Serious and Organised Crime. Matthew Redhead examines the drive in Brussels towards greater policing co-ordination as criminals adopt new technologies and Brexit approaches
  • Building NATO’s new eastern front: The eFP in Europe

    In 2016 NATO leaders agreed to despatch multinational battlegroups to the Baltic states and Poland under the enhanced Forward Presence initiative. Since then NATO deployments to Eastern Europe have accelerated. Tim Ripley charts the progress of efforts to build up allied defences in the region
  • Russia develops co-orbital anti-satellite capability

    Russia appears to be developing a co-orbital anti-satellite system. Bart Hendrickx examines the evidence in open sources about Russia’s satellite development programmes that points to the existence of the project
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  • Zambia denies USD400 million Israeli deal

    Zambia’s defence minister has released a statement denying a report that his government is close to signing a second USD400 million deal with Israeli companies. Africa Confidential reported on 12 October that the new deal will be funded by Israel’s Bank Hapoalim and is believed to