• IDF restructures to increase focus on Iran and multi-branch projects

    The Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF’s) General Staff will undergo significant structural changes this year as part of the new ‘Momentum’ multi-year programme, the IDF Spokesperson Unit announced on 18 February. In a response to “the evolving threat from the Iranian

  • nEUROn UCAV informing FCAS/SCAF development

    France is using the pan-European nEUROn unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) technology demonstrator to progress the Future Combat Air System (FCAS)/Système de Combat Aérien Futur (SCAF) programme that it is developing with Germany and Spain. The French Directorate General of Armaments

  • New Iranian missile reported to be loitering SAM

    The previously undocumented type of missile found on two dhows carrying Iranian weapons to the Houthi rebels in Yemen are surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) that loiter in an area searching for a target, according to a US military official cited by the New York Times on 19 February. Examples of the

  • German Army to open land forces digitisation systems centre

    The German Army will open a land forces digitisation systems centre by 2023 to support its Digitisation of Land Based Operations (D-LBO) tactical communications programme. The centre will comprise a new building in Munster, which will focus on supporting the digitisation and implementation of land

  • Mali deploys reconstituted battalions to the north

    The Armed Forces of Mali (FAMa) has deployed ‘reconstituted’ battalions that include former rebel soldiers to both Kidal and Timbuktu in the north of the country, the FAMa and United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) have reported. A battalion

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