• Progressive HARM: An evolution in capability

    The suppression and/or destruction of enemy air-defence systems is essential to sustaining US and allied anti access/area denial mission superiority. Robin Hughes explores the evolution of the AGM-88 High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile in advancing this capability
  • All at sea: Indian shipbuilding under scrutiny

    The pace of the Indian Navy’s shipbuilding under its LTIPP and MCPP has been slow to deliver platforms in a timely manner, according to public project delivery timelines. Mazumdar Mrityunjoy reports
  • Expanding IoT poses cyber-security risks and intelligence collection opportunities

    The rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the online ecosystem, with effects that have yet to be fully felt. Jane’s examines the way that governments around the world are responding to the essential tensions posed by the IoT, whose vulnerabilities make it both a national security threat and a data-rich environment for intelligence collection
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  • Yemeni rebels claim second cruise missile attack

    The Iranian-backed Yemeni rebel group Ansar Allah (Houthis) claimed on 12 June that it had carried out its second cruise missile attack, this time against Abha International Airport in southwest Saudi Arabia. “This is the second time that the missile force has fired a cruise-type missile; the
  • Israel says Iran continues ballistic missile launches

    Iran launched a Khorramshahr medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) in December 2018, the Israeli representative to the UN told the Security Council in a letter released on 5 June. Danny Danon said there had been seven Iranian ballistic missile launches between December 2018 and February 2019,