• AFA Winter 2020: US Air Force faces integration challenges with B-52H re-engining

    The US Air Force (USAF) faces a variety of integration issues ranging from connectivity to weight when it eventually attempts to install new engines on its fleet of Boeing B-52H Stratofortress heavy bombers. The USAF is proceeding with this effort that is formally known as the B-52 Commercial

  • IDF launches new Momentum five-year plan

    After over a year of intense planning, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has now launched its new Momentum multi-year programme with the aim of “enhancing lethality in scope and in accuracy”. The IDF announced the implementation of the plan on 13 February, saying it has been approved by

  • Pakistan to buy Chinese attack helicopters if Turkey and US fail to deliver

    Pakistan will procure the Chinese-built Z-10 attack helicopter if Turkey and the United States fail to deliver on their orders of the T-129 and AH-1Z respectively, a senior offer said on 26 February. Speaking at the IQPC International Military Helicopter conference in London, the commander of

  • Pentagon puts US Navy shipbuilding plans under scrutiny

    US Navy (USN) shipbuilding and fleet composition plans are garnering greater Pentagon scrutiny as the US Defense Department tries to balance the nation’s expensive and ambitious naval fleet plans with fiscal realities and security needs. The USN raised Congressional eyebrows earlier this

  • UK admits to nuclear replacement warhead programme

    The United Kingdom is working on a new nuclear replacement warhead programme, defence secretary Ben Wallace told parliament on 25 February. "To ensure the government maintains an effective deterrent throughout the commission of the Dreadnought-class ballistic missile submarine, we are


  • Right-wing extremists aspire to CBRN weapons use

    During the past two decades, attack plots involving CBRN weapons have largely been associated with militant Islamists. The increase in right-wing extremist militant activity in the United States and Western Europe since 2015 has entailed individuals looking towards use of CBRN weapons. Dr Stephan Blancke assesses the risks posed
  • Development of Russian PRS-1M missile continues

    Russia's next generation Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) system has finished a series of test launches and is believed to have been successful in both its performance and capabilities. Malcolm Claus assesses the information presented on this missile, the reasons for its development, and its potential role in Russia's air and space defence
  • High North: NATO and Russia expand into the Arctic

    Melting ice in the Arctic is opening the region to military activity, prompting littoral NATO members and Russia to shift their focus beyond Eastern Europe. Jim Dorschner reports
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