• Russia proposes new railroad battalions in each military district

    Russia is proposing that additional new ‘emergency’ railroad battalions are created and deployed in each military district. Two have already been established in the Western Military District, Russian media reported on 19 August. Although headlined as civil defence in nature, the

  • US Air Force develops plan for restoring F-22 low observability maintenance capacity

    Key Points The US Air Force is determining how to improve the low observability maintenance capacity for its F-22 fleet The capacity was damaged when the former F-22 home, Tyndall Air Force Base, was severely damaged by a hurricane in October 2018 The US Air Force (USAF) is developing a plan to

  • Admiral Gilday takes over as USN CNO

    Admiral Mike Gilday relieved Admiral John Richardson as the 32nd Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), the most senior officer in the US Navy (USN) on 22 August. A seasoned surface warfare officer (SWO), Adm Gilday most recently served as the director of the Joint Staff. The Lowell, Massachusetts,

  • Moscow stages comprehensive Arctic exercise

    Russia staged a 30-vessel exercise with ships from three of its four fleets in international waters off Norway’s northernmost Nordland and Troms counties from 13 to 17 August. Despite Moscow issuing four advance notices to airmen (NOTAMs), the scale of the drills was much larger than

  • Pentagon kick-starts weapons’ portfolio review

    Legacy weapon systems are on the chopping block as newly minted US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper moves out with his promise to task the services with examining their weapons’ portfolios to decide which ones need to be culled to pay for modernisation programmes. Esper, the former US Army

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  • Kim continues to let his missiles do the talking

    Key Points North Korea has continued to mount a series of weapon tests The tests have been a reaction to US-South Korean military drills and most recently a speech by the South Korean president North Korea test-fired two more missiles into the waters off its east coast on 16 August while