RFI Service from Janes

Request for Intelligence (RFI) Service

Intelligence challenges are often unexpected. Janes Requests for Intelligence as a Service is a mechanism for customers to ask Janes questions and get research and analysis support on an ongoing basis.

  • Access to Janes assured defence and security expertise
  • Responses to complex questions
  • Open-source intelligence (OSINT) for customer requirements


Retainer model 

To manage the variation in requests, Janes RFI Service uses a retainer model. This has benefits including fixing the total cost over the contract period. In the retainer model, Janes assesses each RFI and assigns it a ‘unit’ value. 


How does Janes RFI Service work?

The process of using the RFI service is straightforward:

  • The customer sends the request to the Janes RFI Service Director
  • The RFI Service Director responds within one working day to clarify the requirement’s preferred deadline, scope, and format
  • The RFI Service Director confirms the feasibility and unit-cost of the request
  • The customer confirms that they want to use the units for this request
  • Janes proceeds with the necessary data collection, research, analysis, and preparation of reports or briefings, etc., to deliver for the agreed deadline
  • The customer provides feedback or follow-up questions
  • Janes provides quarterly project management reports on units and responses


Request Consultation

Request a free consultation to discover how you can access Janes assured defence and security expertise in a flexible way through our RFI service.




Request Consultation

Request a free consultation to discover how Janes can provide you with assured, interconnected open-source intelligence.

RFI Service  The RFI Service from Janes reduces the time and effort required to search for, manipulate, and fuse open-source data and information.