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An unsettled world of shifting and evolving social, political and economic environments is giving rise to new actual and potential threats. Jane's threat intelligence solutions enable you to better understand the threat environment and build a more robust intelligence product.

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Jane's Terrorism & Insurgency Centre Learn More
Delivering a structured, consistent and comprehensive database of open source events related to non-state armed groups. Plus insight and in-depth analysis on trends and driving forces behind global unrest, insurgency and terrorist activities.
Jane's Military & Security Assessments Intelligence Centre Learn More
Open source data and independent expert analysis on political stability, military capabilities, national security concerns, and international relations to give a strategic, operational, and tactical understanding of the global threat landscape.
Jane's Defence Equipment and Technology Intelligence Centre Learn More
Detailed specifications together with technical, operational and commercial insight across the world's land, air and sea platforms, weapons, C4ISR systems and CBRNE and EOD equipment.
Jane's GEOINT Learn More
Open source, geospatial intelligence data and analysis to support situational awareness and understanding of the operational environment.
Conflict Monitor Learn More
Unique data-driven insights on the conflict in Iraq and Syria, combining unrivalled information collection with advanced analytical tools, and analysis by Jane's security experts
Jane's Intelligence Events Learn More
Supporting threat assessment and situational awareness this database of global events which impact risk or security, cover a number of themes and topics including state actions, non-state actions, corruption and bribery.
Jane's Militant Propaganda Analysis Learn More
Trusted insights from native language terrorism experts enable you to identify trends, generate actionable intelligence and develop strategic approaches to countering violent extremism.
Jane's Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Assessments Intelligence Centre Learn More
Data, news and analysis of historical timelines, current inventories and attack-response capabilities.
Jane's Satellite Imagery Analysis Learn More
Immediate, reliable insight into global security factors, providing validatory and supplemental support and enabling analysts to focus their effort on fewer, more important areas of interest while maintaining sight of wider security risk factors.
Jane's Security: Military Capabilities Module Learn More
Reliable and comprehensive data and insights into the key factors that govern the capability and readiness of materiel and personnel across all services.
National Security Consulting Learn More
With global expertise spanning conventional, asymmetric and strategic threats and capabilities, Jane's consultants provide independent support and supplemental analysis.