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Jane's analysts forecast that competition within the aerospace and defence industry will continue to intensify over the coming years, with several disruptive forces impacting how companies evaluate immediate and future opportunities and risks. Jane's market intelligence and forecasting solutions help you to identify and capture new opportunities in a challenging global environment.

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Jane's Defence Industry & Markets Intelligence Centre Learn More
World-class data, analysis and insight across the budgets, emerging markets, industry trends and offset policies.
Haystack Gold Learn More
With current and historical data on over 190 million part references across more than 70 databases Haystack Gold delivers secure, single-point access to government procurement history and pricing, and qualified part lists and suppliers.
Jane's Markets Forecast Learn More
Delivering best in class forecasting through data driven identification of opportunities across more than 20 global defence markets.
Jane's Defence Budgets Learn More
Providing a 20 year view to deliver critical insight into the current and future size, shape and capabilities of the world's key military powers.
Jane's Defence Sector Budgets Learn More
A top-down 15 year view of procurement and RDT&E budgets across 15 markets, covering 105 countries and 99% of global defence spend.
Jane's Defence Industry Module Learn More
Essential reference information on manufacturers and markets for defence equipment, covering the air, space, land, and sea sectors.
Jane's Defence News Learn More
An authoritative source of defence news, whether your focus is equipment, military geopolitics, forces, organisations, markets or business.
Jane's Offsets Advisory Module Learn More
Equipping you with the tools and resources you need to construct, position and fulfil effective offset obligations in support of new defence business across the globe.
Jane's Defence Procurement Intelligence Centre Learn More
Regular updates and up to 20-year projections on defence procurement across land, sea and air platforms and upgrades.