Capability Profiles

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  • Euro Vision: Raytheon’s strategy for Integrated Air and Missile Defence in Europe

    With ongoing Russian aggression along NATO’s eastern border and the future of the Iran nuclear deal now in jeopardy, European state actors are being urged to consider the alignment and optimisation of national and international interests to provide more efficient and cost-effective Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD).

  • IAI – Celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2018

    Celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2018, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) continues to provide armed forces around the World with technology, experience and expertise across air, sea, space, cyber and ground environments. Responding to emerging requirements from an increasingly complex operating environment, the company is also pursuing a strategy to further evolve and expand its inventory of products and knowledge to support the demands of ground forces.

  • Forward progress: 70 years of the Israel Defense Forces

    On 18th April 2018, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) celebrated its 70th anniversary- a period of time which has witnessed multiple campaigns and wars to secure the State of Israel and its borders. In this profile of the IDF, senior commanders describe how lessons learned arising from recent conflicts continue to shape the IDF and its ability to counter emerging challenges.

  • Naval Group unveils its next-generation solutions for maritime forces

    Having published record-breaking annual revenues for a third consecutive year in 2017, Naval Group continues to drive forward with investments aimed at further strengthening its competitive edge in support of both domestic and international markets. Central to this expansion strategy is Naval Group’s ‘Digitalisation’ concept which is aimed at enhancing the capabilities of its surface and subsurface fleets – a move which is being supported by a rebranding from DCNS to Naval Group as the company seeks to further extend mirror its influence across the international market.

  • Northrop Grumman: Assured Position, Navigation and Timing - the future challenge

    In the future satellite navigation systems may no longer be infallible. Northrop Grumman Mission Systems offers solutions that integrate a number of alternative data sources to provide reliable APNT.

  • Roketsan: Aiming High in the Pursuit of Precision

    Turkey’s missile specialist offers a wide-ranging portfolio of precision-guided armament with applications in air, land and sea domains, including growing families of air-launched weapons for both manned and unmanned platforms, and guided artillery systems

  • A New Era in Close Air Support

    Digital Situational Awareness for Dismounted Ground Forces

  • Ares Shipyard: Ensuring Security At Sea

    Turkey’s ARES Shipyard has built up in a little over 10 years to become the country’s largest exporter of military vessels, employing the latest technology in both construction techniques and design.

  • Nimr : Gaining The Advantage:The Evolution of Nimr's Tactical Ground Vehicles

    NIMR is positioning itself to satisfy ever-increasing requirements from armed forces seeking to undertake a wide range of operations including conventional and unconventional warfare; counter- terrorism; peace stability operations; and humanitarian aid/disaster relief.

  • CMI Defence: 200 years of unparalleled experience, superior performance

    Celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2017, CMI Defence is a world-leader in vehicle turret and armament technology. The company’s Cockerill range of turrets includes the 3000 Series, the world’s first modular turret system.

  • AMD: Supporting the South African Defence Industry


  • Island endeavour: Taiwan country briefing

    While cross-strait relations with Beijing have improved in recent years, Taiwan still has to consider a Chinese invasion as its most prominent threat and is facing a rising tide of Chinese military capability, as Gavin Phipps reports