• Arms and Security 2019: Infocom displays new Scorpion combat UGV

    Ukrainian company Infocom unveiled its new Scorpion combat unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) at the Arms and Security exhibition held in Kiev on 8–11 October. The tracked UGV has been designed for combat operations and is described by the company as a mobile, multifunctional, unmanned fire, and

  • Arquus presents new logistics truck

    Arquus announced on 9 October that it presented its new 8×8 logistics truck at the Forum Entreprise Défense held in Satory, France, on 9–10 October. The company said the vehicle is designed specifically for military applications and features an automatic traction control driveline

  • ASC explores propulsion and generation joint ventures with Jeumont Electric

    Australian naval shipbuilding and maintenance supplier ASC announced on 9 October that it is pursuing joint activities with Jeumont Electric, a French specialist in electric propulsion systems used on submarines. The two companies signed a heads of agreement document aimed at identifying

  • Brazil’s new Antarctic expedition commences

    Polar vessel Almirante Maximiano (H-41) departed Rio de Janeiro on 8 October to start Brazil’s 38th Antarctic expedition, “Operação Antártica: OPERANTAR XXXVIII”. The country’s other oceanographic support vessel, Ary Rongel (H-44), will join the expedition

  • Chile, Ecuador, and Peru continue demining operations

    The armed forces of Chile, Ecuador, and Peru are continuing to remove mines and other unexploded ordnance from their borders. A total of 1,092 mines have been destroyed from an area encompassing 26,740 m 2 along Peru’s border with Ecuador, the Peruvian army reported in a 2 October press

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  • Turkey launches offensive into northeastern Syria

    The Turkish military and allied Syrian rebels launched their long-threatened offensive into northeastern Syria on 9 October with the stated objective of establishing a ‘safe zone’ that has been cleared of Kurdish forces and can be used to resettle Syrian refugees. “Our mission is