• Indian MoD tries to avert month-long OFB strike

    Officials from the Indian Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) Department of Defence Production met with union leaders representing the workforce of the state-owned Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) on 14 August to try to prevent a strike later this month that will cause an estimated 85,000 OFB

  • Rheinmetall offers new 60 mm for infantry, special forces

    Rheinmetall announced in a press release on 13 August that it has developed the new RSG60 60 mm mortar for infantry and special forces. Rheinmetall Waffe Munition began development of the mortar in October 2017. The company said the mortar is designed to be lightweight, quick to operate, and

  • Northrop Grumman to demonstrate new programmable 30 mm proximity sensing round

    Northrop Grumman Armament Systems is expected, in early 2020, to conduct the first demonstration firings to the US Army of an all-up Programmable Light Weight 30 mm Proximity Sensing Ammunition (LW30 PROX) round. A company-funded development, drawing on legacy Orbital ATK sensor fuzed weapons

  • Belarus to develop new MLRS rocket

    Belarus’ Precision Electromechanical Plant (ZTEM), together with BelVneshPromServis (BVPS), is scheduled to complete a research and development (R&D) programme later this year relating to the manufacture of an upgraded 9M524MB short-range effector to equip the Belarussian Armed

  • Russia’s Central Military District receives AK-12 assault rifles

    Russia’s Central Military District (CMD) has begun receiving Kalashnikov AK-12 5.45 mm assault rifles, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 17 July. “The first 8,000 [AK-12] assault rifles have been delivered to the CMD’s units and formations. The AK-12 is a new platform,

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  • Upgraded JH-7 fighter-bomber in service with PLAAF

    A new variant of the Xian JH-7 fighter-bomber is in service with the China People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), according to a 5 August report by the state-owned Xinhua News Agency about the Aviadarts 2019 competition of the International Army Games (IAG) being held from 3 to 17 August.