• Argentine Army receives first modernised FAL rifles

    The Argentine Army has received the first batch of 292 7.62 mm FAL rifles modernised by Fábrica Militar Fray Luis Beltrán. The factory is part of the Dirección General de Fabricaciones Militares: the organisation under the Argentine Defence Ministry that produces weapons and

  • Belarus re-arms airborne troops

    Belarusian airborne troops are receiving new mortars and armoured personnel carriers (APCs), according to the country’s Ministry of Defence (MoD). In late July, Belarusian Deputy Minister of Defence for Armament and Chief of Armament Major General Sergei Simonenko handed over new 2B23 Nona-M1

  • Portuguese Army receives AGLs

    The Portuguese Army is receiving 30 GMG 40x53 mm automatic grenade launchers (AGLs) from Heckler & Koch. They were acquired through a letter of acceptance signed with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) in November 2015, the army told Jane’s on 6 August. The Portuguese Marine

  • Valhalla advances Midgard 300 RWS development

    Slovenian remote weapon station (RWS) and turret developer Valhalla will perform the first firing trials of its Midgard 300 RWS in the United Kingdom in late September 2018, Jane’s has learned. The first version of the modular Midguard 300 RWS is armed with the UK-made AEI Systems stabilised

  • India's special forces getting equipment upgrade

    India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has finalised several contracts in recent months for weapons and other assorted equipment designed to enhance the capabilities of the country’s special forces. Official sources told Jane’s that miscellaneous equipment for the special forces of all


  • The Czar of battle: Russian artillery use in Ukraine portends advances

    The Russian Army, which has long emphasised its artillery arm, is once again upgrading conventional tube artillery and adding new targeting techniques. Samuel Cranny-Evans, Mark Cazalet, and Christopher F Foss report on the country's more flexible approach to fire missions
  • Personal effects: Assault rifles and small-arms technology

    Responding to the requirements arising out of an increasingly complex operating environment, international armed forces are finally witnessing the gradual proliferation of alternative weapon and ammunition designs aimed at improving the mobility, precision, and lethality of soldiers on the battlefield. Andrew White reports
  • The big bang theory: planning future MBT armaments

    Next-generation MBTs are due to enter service from the 2040s, and planning for their core capabilities will be needed in the near term. Jon Hawkes and Neil Gibson investigate potential future weapon technologies that could be installed on these vehicles
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  • Barak-8 to equip Israeli Sa’ar 6 corvettes

    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has been awarded a contract by the Israeli Ministry of Defence (MoD) to supply the Barak-8 weapon system for the Israeli Navy’s four future Magen-class corvettes. Designated Sa’ar 6 in Israeli service, the new corvettes are being acquired under the