• Brazilian Army buys 120 .50 cal HMGs

    The Brazilian Army has acquired 120 M2A1 .50 cal heavy machine guns (HMGs) through the US government’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) process. A letter of offer and acceptance (LOA) for the newly manufactured weapons was signed in August by the Brazilian Army Commission in Washington (on behalf

  • Indian MoD issues RFI for 650,000 assault rifles

    India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has invited responses from local manufacturers by 20 September to a request for information (RFI) regarding the supply of 650,000 7.62×39 mm assault rifles for the Indian Army (IA) for an estimated INR120 billion (USD1.69 billion). Issued on 31 August,

  • Retractable gun gives French special forces’ Caracal greater punch

    The French special forces’ 1/67 Pyrénées Helicopter Squadron has been training with the Nexter SH20 system, which uses the M621 cannon firing NATO-standard 20 x 102 mm ammunition. The new cannon, which was delivered to the squadron in May, provides the multimission Caracal with an

  • IDF to get more surface-to-surface missiles

    The Israeli Ministry of Defense (MoD) has signed a contract worth hundreds of millions of shekels with Israel Military Industries (IMI) for surface-to-surface missiles, it was announced on 27 August. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the acquisition would support the establishment of a new

  • Army 2018: Russian MoD receives new 2B25 82 mm silenced mortars

    The Russian armed forces are receiving the new 2B25 82 mm silenced mortars developed by the Burevestnik institute of Rostec`s Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) corporation, a military source told Jane’s at the Army 2018 defence show being held in Kubinka near Moscow from 21-26 August. “The Ministry


  • The Czar of battle: Russian artillery use in Ukraine portends advances

    The Russian Army, which has long emphasised its artillery arm, is once again upgrading conventional tube artillery and adding new targeting techniques. Samuel Cranny-Evans, Mark Cazalet, and Christopher F Foss report on the country's more flexible approach to fire missions
  • Personal effects: Assault rifles and small-arms technology

    Responding to the requirements arising out of an increasingly complex operating environment, international armed forces are finally witnessing the gradual proliferation of alternative weapon and ammunition designs aimed at improving the mobility, precision, and lethality of soldiers on the battlefield. Andrew White reports
  • The big bang theory: planning future MBT armaments

    Next-generation MBTs are due to enter service from the 2040s, and planning for their core capabilities will be needed in the near term. Jon Hawkes and Neil Gibson investigate potential future weapon technologies that could be installed on these vehicles
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  • US coastal patrol ships complete Griffin missile shoot

    Five Cyclone-class coastal patrol ships from the US Navy’s (USN’s) Bahrain-based 5th Fleet Combined Task Force (CTF) 55 have completed a series of Mk 60 Griffin Missile System (GMS) live firings against high-speed manoeuvring targets during an exercise in the Gulf. USS Hurricane (PC 3),