• Details emerge of Russia’s Sokol-V gun-launched missile

    The next-generation 3UBK25 Sokol-V (Falcon) 125 mm gun-launched missile designed by the Tochmash Nudelman Precision Design Bureau is due to enter its first testing phase, according to information released through Russian sources. The tests will include 25 all-up missiles including a warhead and

  • Vietnam modernising its AK-47 assault rifles

    Vietnam’s Z111 factory has launched a modernisation of the armed forces’ inventory of AK-47 assault rifles in a move aimed at making the weapons more accurate and user friendly, according to a 5 November report published by the Vietnamese Soha news website. The upgrade includes the

  • AUSA 2019: Kongsberg on track to deliver wireless fire control to US forces

    Kongsberg is expecting to deliver wireless fire-control capability to US forces – starting with the US Marine Corps (USMC) – by the end of 2020 under an existing 18-month contract. Kongsberg is working to deliver a secure, network-based Multi-User Multi-Station (MUMS) capability under

  • AUSA 2019: Soldier Lethality CFT moving forward with next-gen technologies

    The US Army’s Soldier Lethality Cross-Function Team (CFT) is showcasing several items of equipment designed to assist the close-combat force at this year’s annual Association of the US Army’s conference in Washington Soldier Lethality CFT director Brigadier General David Hodne

  • Rheinmetall expands 120 mm mortar capability

    Rheinmetall Norway has developed to the prototype stage its MWS 120 Ragnarok 120 mm turntable mounted mortar system. According to Gunnar Andersson, director of sales and business development at Rheinmetall Norway AS, “we have already carried out successful firing trials in Sweden”. The


  • Single-shot resurgence: Disposable shoulder-launched weapons evolve to face new threats

    The evolution of various calibre lightweight pre-loaded single-use shoulder-launched weapon systems offers the advantage of firepower overmatch and increased survivability for lower echelon ground forces. Robin Hughes examines developments in the domain
  • Widening scope: The return of the Russian sniper

    Russia's use of snipers fell away after the Second World War, but conflicts in Syria and Ukraine have seen them return, engaging their opposite numbers, co-ordinating air strikes, and enhancing the firepower and effectiveness of regular units. Samuel Cranny-Evans reports
  • Top cat: Leopard 2 main battle tank turns 40

    On 24 October 1979 the first production Leopard 2, hull number Y-377 046, was handed over to the Bundeswehr's Panzertruppenschule. Forty years, 3,565 vehicles in over 95 distinct variants, and more than 21 users later, the Leopard 2 stands as one of the most successful MBT designs in the world. Jon Hawkes explores the vehicle's evolution
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