• Widening scope: The return of the Russian sniper

    Russia's use of snipers fell away after the Second World War, but conflicts in Syria and Ukraine have seen them return, engaging their opposite numbers, co-ordinating air strikes, and enhancing the firepower and effectiveness of regular units. Samuel Cranny-Evans reports
  • Missile diplomacy: North Korea enhances tactical weapons as nuclear talks stall

    Whether or not a nuclear deal is reached between Washington and Pyongyang, North Korea's drive to improve its tactical weapon systems has highlighted its ability to respond to what it calls "military provocations" by the United States and its regional allies. Gabriel Dominguez reports
  • Top cat: Leopard 2 main battle tank turns 40

    On 24 October 1979 the first production Leopard 2, hull number Y-377 046, was handed over to the Bundeswehr's Panzertruppenschule. Forty years, 3,565 vehicles in over 95 distinct variants, and more than 21 users later, the Leopard 2 stands as one of the most successful MBT designs in the world. Jon Hawkes explores the vehicle's evolution
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