• AUSA 2018: US Army brigades to start six-month SMET demonstration

    Two infantry brigade combat teams (IBCTs) are to be equipped by the end of October with Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport (SMET) unmanned ground vehicles for a six-month demonstration. Those IBCTs will take the SMETs through training manoeuvres and then provide feedback that the army will use

  • China, Pakistan to jointly produce Wing Loong II UAVs, says report

    Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra and China’s Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) will reportedly jointly produce 48 Wing Loong II strike-capable, reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The announcement, which was made on 6 October via the Facebook page of the Pakistan Air

  • AUSA 2018: Endeavor Robotics unveils MTRS Increment II clean-sheet design

    Endeavor Robotics has revealed its Centuar robot, the chosen design for the US Army’s widely anticipated Man Transportable Robotic System Increment II (MTRS Inc II) effort. The unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) will be larger than the company’s PackBot offering – it weighs less than

  • Endeavor Robotics readies Kobra UGV for DARPA SubT

    Endeavor Robotics announced on 1 October that it had been downselected for Phase 1 of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA’s) Subterranean (SubT) Challenge. The initial USD1.5 million that has been awarded by DARPA for Phase 1 will be used to develop a ‘system of

  • ECA lifts the veil on Inspector 120 USV

    French robotics, automation, and industrial group ECA has unveiled a new addition to its Inspector family of unmanned surface vehicles (USVs). Developed in conjunction with ECA's naval architecture subsidiary BE Mauric, the 12 m Inspector 120 has been designed to provide increased endurance, a

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  • Ukraine reveals new combat UGV

    Ukranian firm Global Dynamics showcased a prototype 4×4 unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) called Ironclad at the Arms and Security exhibition held in Kiev from 9–12 October. The company first produced a prototype for the Ukranian armed forces in 2014 and has built two additional vehicles
  • First F-35B SRVL recovery completed on HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Key Points An F-35B made the first SRVL recovery on to HMS Queen Elizabeth on 13 October SRVLs allow F-35Bs to make carrier landings with heavier loads, avoiding the need to jettison fuel and/or weapons An F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter has executed a first shipborne rolling vertical