• UMEX 2020: BGIX reveals further details about its Dragon JH-1 VTOL UAV

    Chinese company BGJX has revealed further details about its Dragon JH-1 vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Speaking to Jane's at the 23–25 February UMEX defence exhibition in Abu Dhabi, where the platform was displayed for the first time outside China, a

  • USAF to issue Agility Prime eVTOL solicitation

    The US Air Force (USAF) on 25 February will release its Agility Prime electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft solicitation, an attempt to influence a key future technology and avoid repeating previous Pentagon mistakes that allowed China to dominate the small unmanned aerial vehicle

  • UMEX 2020: UAVOS to perform search and rescue maritime demo with ISR350-5 UAV

    UAVOS and partner ISR Unmanned Technology will perform a maritime search and rescue demonstration with their jointly-developed ISR350-5 unmanned helicopter at the UMEX 2020 trade show, which runs from 23-25 February in Abu Dhabi. UAVOS told Jane’s on 20 February ahead of the show that the

  • Portugal adds VTOL UAS capability to OPVs

    The Portuguese Navy is introducing a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial system (UAS) operating capability to its Viana do Castelo-class offshore patrol vessels (OPVs), the service has told Jane’s . The four OPVs are operated by the navy’s Surface Ships Squadron in a

  • CIAC displays UAV Tarsis 25 to potential Colombian military clients

    The Colombian aerospace company Corporación de la Industria Aeronáutica Colombiana (CIAC) showcased the Tarsis 25 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to Colombian defence and security officers on 14 February. Delegations from the Colombian Army’s air assault division, the special

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  • USMC seeks medium- and long-range/endurance ISTAR UAVs

    The US Marine Corps (USMC) is looking to field two new unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR), according to requests for information (RFI) issued on 21 February. The two separate RFIs posted by the Department of the Navy call
  • UMEX 2020: Milrem showcases updated THeMIS UGV

    Estonian manufacturer Milrem Robotics is highlighting its fifth-generation Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System (THeMIS) unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) at UMEX 2020 being held in Abu Dhabi on 23–25 February. The UGV has been specially designed for use in hot climates and has undergone