• Arms and Security 2019: Infocom displays new Scorpion combat UGV

    Ukrainian company Infocom unveiled its new Scorpion combat unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) at the Arms and Security exhibition held in Kiev on 8–11 October. The tracked UGV has been designed for combat operations and is described by the company as a mobile, multifunctional, unmanned fire, and

  • Rheinmetall expands 120 mm mortar capability

    Rheinmetall Norway has developed to the prototype stage its MWS 120 Ragnarok 120 mm turntable mounted mortar system. According to Gunnar Andersson, director of sales and business development at Rheinmetall Norway AS, “we have already carried out successful firing trials in Sweden”. The

  • Thales and Nexter developing 40 mm CTAS RAPIDFireNaval

    Thales and Nexter Systems are teamed to develop a new multi-role weapon system, called RAPIDFireNaval, to meet potential French Navy requirements and are eyeing DGA funding in the first half of 2020, according to Sylvain Richy, managing director of CTAI (a joint venture between Nexter and BAE

  • Thales UK supplying new TI camera for Challenger 2 tanks

    Thales UK has confirmed that it is supplying its Catherine MP thermal imaging (TI) camera as a replacement for the legacy TI camera installed in the British Army’s Challenger 2 main battle tank (MBT) Thermal Sighting System (TSS), which is mounted externally above the BAE Systems 120 mm L30A1

  • US Army fielding new position, navigation, timing programme for Stryker

    The US Army is fielding its new position, navigation, and timing (PNT) system for tactical and armoured vehicles, with the latest tranche being deployed to army Stryker units at US European Command (EUCOM). The first iteration of the Mounted Assured PNT System (MAPS) to Stryker units was initially


  • Custom buggies: The expanding range of special forces vehicles

    Forced to handle growing mission requirements, ranging from counter-insurgency operations through to state-on-state conflict with high-capability adversaries, special operations forces must rely on an extensive suite of tactical ground vehicles. Andrew White reports
  • Top cat: Leopard 2 main battle tank turns 40

    On 24 October 1979 the first production Leopard 2, hull number Y-377 046, was handed over to the Bundeswehr's Panzertruppenschule. Forty years, 3,565 vehicles in over 95 distinct variants, and more than 21 users later, the Leopard 2 stands as one of the most successful MBT designs in the world. Jon Hawkes explores the vehicle's evolution
  • Kingmakers: Venezuela’s armed forces and the national crisis

    With Venezuela in a deep, complex, and increasingly urgent crisis since January, aggravated by external tensions with regional neighbours and the United States, the armed forces are likely to play a central role in the country’s future. Jim Dorschner reports
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