• RUAG unbundling plans take shape

    The Swiss government has crystallised its plans for the future of defence firm RUAG, following a meeting of the country’s Federal Council. Under plans submitted by RUAG and approved by the government, RUAG Holdings will be split into two organisations: MRO Switzerland and RUAG International.

  • Ship shift: US Navy prepares way for revamped surface force

    While continuing to bolster its traditional sea power, the USN is also moving towards the creation of a modern, more autonomous, surface force. Michael Fabey reports The proposed US Navy (USN) Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 budget plan has set the service on a new surface-fleet course while trying to

  • Update: Italy begins Typhoon deployment to Iceland

    The Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare Italiana: AMI) has deployed an undisclosed number of Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft to Keflavik Airbase to conduct NATO air policing and training duties over Iceland. The deployment for NATO’s ‘Airborne Surveillance and Interception

  • Romanian F-16s reach initial operational capability

    Romania has declared initial operational capability for its first 12 F-16s. During the ceremony at the 86th Air Force Base ‘Lieutenant Aviator Gheorghe Mociornita’ in Borcea on 14 March, Romanian Defence Minister Gabriel Les said, “Today we are writing an important page in the

  • Brazilian Navy works to grow its aviation wing

    Brazil is upgrading or buying a series of new aviation assets as it has commissioned new amphibious ships and aspires to grow its navy’s reach. The Brazilian Navy commissioned NDM Bahia (G40) landing platform dock in 2016 and PHM Atlantico (A140) helicopter carrier in 2018 and is working to

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  • Sudan reveals ‘Shareef-3’ upgrade to BTR-70

    Sudan’s Military Industry Corporation (MIC) has expanded its range of wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APC) with an upgraded Russian BTR-70 8×8 called the Shareef-3. Shareef-3 replaces BTR-70’s original two ZMZ-4905 engines with a more fuel-efficient KAMAZ-7403 V8 water-cooled
  • Brazil considers helicopter carrier modernisation

    The Brazilian Navy has started initial studies for the installation of new systems meant to improve its PHM Atlantico (A140) multipurpose helicopter carrier. The potential modernisation would improve key capabilities of the navy’s flagship vessel, including navigation and protection systems.