• Philippines reveal multirole fighter options

    The Philippines is looking to acquire one of four multirole fighter types to enhance the air defence and border protection capabilities of the country’s air force. Speaking on 14 November, a senior Philippine Air Force (PAF) official presented a briefing slide showing the Eurofighter Typhoon,

  • Thailand to modernise ageing F-5 and Alpha Jet fleets

    The Royal Thai Air Force is to upgrade its fleets of Northrop F-5 and Dornier Alpha Jet aircraft under plans announced by an official on 14 November. Speaking under the Chatham House Rule, the official said that the F-5s that were first received in 1980 will be modernised with updated avionics and

  • Turkey’s ATAK Phase 2 helicopter conducts first test flight

    Ismail Demir, head of Turkey’s Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), tweeted on 13 November that the Phase 2 (B2) version of the T129 ATAK attack helicopter has conducted its first test flight, fitted with laser warning receivers and other electronic warfare systems. The localisation of

  • US Army prepares Chinook engine testbed for flight

    The US Army and Boeing have conducted ground runs of an NCH-47D Chinook heavy-lift helicopter fitted with the more powerful General Electric (GE) T408 engine, ahead of an anticipated first flight in the coming days. The US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center

  • Analysis: Ukrainian defence procurement reflects the realities of war in the Donbass

    Ukraine is beginning to deliver to its army the weapons and systems it needs to hold firm in the Donbass. As Samuel Cranny-Evans reports, however, more will need to be done for the country to prevail over the long term Ukraine has outlined a number of 2019 deliveries to its armed forces, including

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  • Eagle V 6×6 awaits production green light

    General Dynamics European Land Systems – MOWAG said it has completed development of its latest Eagle 6×6 and is awaiting a production contract, with the Swiss army likely the first customer. The Swiss army has said the Eagle 6×6 will meet its requirement for 100 reconnaissance
  • FLIR Systems enhances tethered UAS operations

    FLIR Systems will use the recently acquired intellectual property (IP) and assets of Aria Insights to enhance its Tether Kit system and further expand its tethered capabilities, the company has told Jane’s . The company announced that it had acquired the tethered drone assets of Aria