• Arleigh Burke destroyer life extensions accelerate US Navy’s shipbuilding plan

    The US Navy (USN) plan to extend the lives of its guided-missile Arleigh Burke-class destroyers (DDGs) anchors the service’s efforts to reach its 355-ship-fleet goal decades ahead of initially scheduled. The USN’s 2020 30-year shipbuilding plan, released on 21 March, includes

  • US Marine Corps modifies weapons loader adapter for F-35B

    The US Marine Corps (USMC) modified support equipment to allow the guided bomb unit (GBU)-49 munition to be used on the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) variant. When the USMC chose GBU-49 for the F-35B, it needed a piece of

  • Brazil considers helicopter carrier modernisation

    The Brazilian Navy has started initial studies for the installation of new systems meant to improve its PHM Atlantico (A140) multipurpose helicopter carrier. The potential modernisation would improve key capabilities of the navy’s flagship vessel, including navigation and protection systems.

  • Malaysia revises contract for Littoral Mission Ships

    Key Points Malaysia has revised its four warship contract with a Chinese shipbuilder The revision is latest in a series of Sino-Malaysia emendations undertaken by the new government since taking power in mid-2018 A contract to build Littoral Mission Ships (LMSs) for the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN)

  • Brazil to modernise CMS of three frigates

    The Brazilian Navy will significantly improve the command-and-control capability of three of its six Niterói-class Mk 10 frigates as part of the strategic Achieving Full Operational Capacity project. The local privately owned company CONSUB Defesa e Tecnologia will modernise the ship’s

  • Elbit Systems wins Hellenic Coast Guard patrol vessels combat systems contract

    Elbit Systems has been awarded a contract from Italian shipyard Cantiere Navale Vittoria SpA to supply combat suites and systems integration on three new patrol vessels for the Hellenic Coast Guard, the Israeli company said. The contract calls for Elbit to deliver the systems in two years and

  • Naval Group team selected for BE/NL MCM programme

    An industry team led by France’s Naval Group has been selected to provide Belgium and the Netherlands (BE/NL) with a next generation stand-off mine countermeasures (MCM) capability based on mother ships employing a ‘toolbox’ of offboard MCM systems. The selection of the Belgian

  • US Navy awards contract to Raytheon for three AN/SPY-6(V)1 radar systems

    US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) awarded Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems a USD402.7 million fixed-price-incentive, firm-target contract modification, exercising options for the Air and Missile Defense Radar Program (AMDR) for low-rate initial production (LRIP) AN/SPY-6(V)1 radar systems.

  • Indonesia to receive ZOKA torpedo countermeasures for Nagapasa submarines

    Key Points Indonesia’s Nagapasa-class submarines will be equipped with jammers and decoys from Turkish company Aselsan The equipment will provide the vessels with protection and deception capabilities against hostile torpedoes Turkish defence electronics company Aselsan is supplying its

  • Japan, US, UK navies further strengthen ASW interoperability in Western Pacific

    The navies of Japan, the US, and the UK have taken steps to further enhance anti-submarine warfare (ASW) interoperability between the three services by conducting another trilateral exercise in the Western Pacific region. The drills, which are only the second of such to be conducted between the

  • New Zealand’s future hydrography ship begins sea trials

    Key Points A hydrographic and diving support vessel meant for the Royal New Zealand Navy has begun trials to validate its naval equipment The service is on track to operate the ship by November The Royal New Zealand Navy’s (RNZN’s) future hydrographic and diving support vessel, which

  • Singapore, Malaysia suspend overlapping maritime claims in waters off Tuas

    Key Points The governments of Malaysia and Singapore have agreed to not anchor any government vessels in the disputed maritime region However, Malaysia has yet to withdraw a buoy-laying tender from the area as of 15 March, casting uncertainties over diplomatic progress made The Malaysian and

  • Brazil plans to acquire a new support vessel to expand Antarctic operations

    The Brazilian Navy has issued a request for information for a support vessel that will assist the nation’s Antarctic operations, according to a recent announcement in the Brazilian government’s Diário Oficial da União (DOU). Brazil’s Antarctic campaigns (OPERANTAR) are

  • Pentagon budget 2020: USN spending plan sets course for unmanned surface vehicles

    The proposed US Navy (USN) fiscal year 2020 (FY 2020) budget kicks off the purchasing plan for the USN’s planned new fleet of unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), which is part of the new vision for the service highlighted relatively recently for Admiral John Richardson, the chief of naval

  • Indonesia leans towards Iver Huitfeldt class for frigate acquisition

    Key Points A variant of Denmark’s Iver Huitfeldt class has emerged as a front-runner in Indonesia’s USD720 million two-frigate acquisition programme Development follows a defence industry co-operation agreement signed between Denmark’s Odense Maritime Technology, and the

  • Pentagon budget 2020: USN carrier budget decision sparks criticism

    The US Navy (USN) plan to delay – and possibly eliminate – the refuelling of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier has already elicited criticism in Washington. In its fiscal year 2020 (FY 2020) budget proposal released on 12 March, the USN said, “As part of this request we have made

  • Thales ships first modular cylindrical array for Collins submarine sonar upgrade

    Thales UK has shipped the first replacement bow sonar array for Australia’s Collins-class submarine upgrade programme. The new modular cylindrical array (MCA) will be installed on HMAS Waller as part of the Collins Sonar Capability Assurance Program (CSCAP), for which Thales was contracted in

  • UK sets sights on Harpoon missile replacement

    The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is set to move forward with the competitive acquisition of an interim ship-launched heavyweight anti-ship missile system to succeed the current GWS 60/Harpoon Block 1C system in Royal Navy (RN) service. A prior information notice (PIN) published on 5 March by the

  • Japan launches third Shikishima-class vessel

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) launched a 6,500-tonne patrol vessel for the Japan Coast Guard (JCG) on 8 March. The 150 m vessel, which has been named Reimei , will be the third Shikishima-class ship in service with the JCG once it is commissioned in 2020. The vessel has an overall beam of 17

  • Philippine awards contract to equip José Rizal class with anti-air missiles

    Key Points Manila has awarded a USD12 million contract to MBDA for surface-to-air missiles Weapons will provide the new José Rizal-class frigates with short-range defences against aerial, and small surface threats The Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) has awarded an EUR10.6

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