• Portugal retires NRP Jacinto Candido

    The Portuguese Navy officially withdrew its João Coutinho-class corvette NRP Jacinto Candido (F 476) from service on 15 November. The decommissioning leaves just two remaining corvettes in service: the Baptista de Andrade-class ship NRP João Roby (F 487) and João Coutinho-class

  • Australia names Sea 1180 patrol vessel as Arafura class

    Key Points Australia has marked further progress in its Sea 1180 programme with the naming of its new OPV class and the start of steel welding on the first of class The programme’s first of class is expected to be delivered by 2021 The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has named the offshore

  • Latin American submarine drills underscore regional ASW partnerships

    The recent trilateral submarine exercises off the South American coast conducted by US, Columbian, and Peruvian naval forces further honed and expanded more realistic anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training for the region. The exercise in waters off the coast of Colombia between 1 and 6 November

  • US Navy ramps up development of naval unmanned systems

    The US Navy (USN) is accelerating its development of naval unmanned systems through programmatic changes and contractual tools meant to field such systems as soon as possible, according to Captain Pete Small, programme manager for Unmanned Maritime Systems. For example, the (USN) has started the

  • AMCM squadron completes first embarkation on Lewis B Puller

    The US Navy (USN) Expeditionary Sea Base USS Lewis B Puller (ESB 3) has embarked airborne mine countermeasures (AMCM) assets for the first time since the ship began operations with the US 5th Fleet. MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopter from Bahrain-based Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron (HM) 15

  • India, Indonesia hold inaugural edition of Exercise ‘Samudra Shakti’

    Key Points The Indian, and Indonesian navies are taking part in a new bilateral exercise known as ‘Samudra Shakti’ Exercise has been widely interpreted as part of New Delhi’s move to strengthen its presence in the strategic maritime region In a further sign of increasingly

  • DDG 1001 leaves shipyard for commissioning

    The guided-missile destroyer Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001), the second ship in the Zumwalt class of destroyers, departed General Dynamics' Bath Iron Works (BIW) shipyard in Bath, Maine, on 9 November to be commissioned on the US West Coast. The destroyer is en route to California where it is scheduled

  • Indo Defence 2018: Indonesian Navy prepares to receive final Panther ASW helicopters

    Key Points Work on Indonesia’s final AS565 MBe Panther helicopters has been completed, and the airframes are ready to be delivered Aircraft will significantly bolster the Indonesian Navy’s embarked anti-submarine warfare capabilities Indonesian state-owned aerospace company PT

  • First Australian Future Submarine may enter service later than anticipated

    The first of the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN’s) fleet of future submarines may not be fully operational until 2035, three years later than previously assumed, the service’s chief, Vice Admiral Mike Noonan, has disclosed. This could mean that more than three of the six in-service

  • First new Saudi corvette set for delivery in 2021

    The timetable for the delivery of five corvettes ordered for the Saudi Arabian Navy in July is to start in October 2021, the president of Spain’s state holding group has told parliament. The remaining four will be handed over in four-month intervals, said Vicente Fernández Guerrero, head

  • USN to keep Columbia line going after delivering planned submarine numbers

    The US Navy (USN) will keep the Columbia-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) line running even after the service receives all 12 of the vessels now being planned, said Rear Admiral John Tammen, director of Undersea Warfare. The navy wants to keep the line going not only to

  • South Korea navy increases BMD with upgraded Aegis system

    South Korean navy destroyers will have greater ability to perform ballistic missile defence (BMD) missions with the recent contract to upgrade the Lockheed Martin Aegis combat system installed on the ships. Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems was awarded a USD365.7 million

  • BAE Systems updates naval combat systems offer

    BAE Systems has debuted a new naval combat systems portfolio designed to improve the company’s competitive position in UK and international markets. Building on a GBP20 million (USD23 million) corporate investment in combat system technologies, the company has announced the brand name INTeGEN

  • Indo Defence 2018: Indonesia to receive VL MICA launchers on SIGMA 10514 frigates in 2019

    Key Points Indonesia’s Martadinata-class frigates will receive launchers for the VL MICA missile in 2019 Delivery paves the way for an eventual procurement of effectors for the air defence system The Indonesian Navy’s (Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Laut: TNI-AL) pair of

  • Indo Defence 2018: PT PAL prepares to handover Indonesian Navy’s sixth LPD

    Key Points A sixth landing platform dock on order the Indonesian Navy is complete, and ready to be delivered Delivery will come amid discussions for a seventh ship in the same class A landing platform dock (LPD) vessel on order for the Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan

  • USN starts ‘intrusive’ vendor inspections following submarine welding issues

    The US Navy (USN), along with prime submarine-building contractors, has begun aggressive on-site company inspections implemented to ensure lower-tier vendors are performing and verifying welding and other boat work properly, said Captain Jonathan Rucker, programme manager for the Columbia-class

  • Indo Defence 2018: Luerssen offers variant of Frankenthal class for Indonesia’s MCMV replacement programme

    Key Points Luerssen has offered a variant of the Frankenthal-class minehunter that is currently in service with the German Navy to Indonesia Company has indicated its commitment to build the ships in-country, in collaboration with a local shipyard Luerssen has offered a variant of the Frankenthal

  • Indo Defence 2018: Progress of Indonesia’s first mini-submarine hit by budgetary delays

    Key Points Indonesia’s plan to build a mini-submarine in-country has gone into limbo because of a lack of funds The Indonesian government’s plan to evaluate the concept, which was initially conceived for special forces operations, will be delayed A plan by the Indonesian government to

  • Flight trials begin for Philippine Lynx Wildcats

    Leonardo has begun flight trials at its Yeovil production facility in southern England on the first of two AgustaWestland AW159 Lynx Wildcat maritime helicopters destined for the Philippines. The start of the trials, which was announced by the Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) on 6

  • Indo Defence 2018: Indonesia prepares to launch first locally assembled submarine

    Key Points Indonesia has successfully completed the assembly of its third Nagapasa-class submarine On-time completion validates the state-owned shipbuilder’s recently built submarine building facilities in Surabaya Assembly of the third Nagapasa-class diesel-electric submarine (SSK) on

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