• Pentagon seeks proposals for future Pilot Training Next prototypes

    Key Points The Pentagon has issued a solicitation to further its Pilot Training Next work Desired technologies include network and data architecture and simulation environment The Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) is soliciting proposals from industry to build upon the

  • Brazilian Army releases its new strategic plan

    The Brazilian Army has recently released its strategic plan paper covering the period from 2020 to 2023. The document directs the force’s investment effort over the next four years, continuing the army’s transformation process. The document covers 15 main actions and a total of 34

  • Indonesian Navy requests anti-submarine, surface kits for five more Panthers

    Key Points The Indonesian Navy has submitted requests to equip five more Panther helicopters with anti-submarine, surface warfare capabilities The service has thus far received 10 of the 11 helicopters it ordered in 2014 The Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia: TNI-AL) has submitted a

  • Russia receives systems to ‘heavy drop’ armoured vehicles with crews inside

    Russia’s Airborne Troops (VDV) have begun to receive new ‘heavy drop’ systems for parachuting regular-sized armoured vehicles with their crews inside, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 2 January. “The use of the new ‘heavy drop’ equipment allows us to

  • Tempest radar receiver technology demonstrated

    Leonardo UK, as part of Team Tempest, has demonstrated a new miniaturised digital radar warning receiver technology as part of the company’s ongoing development work for the next-generation Tempest future combat air system (FCAS). In an 18 December announcement, Leonardo UK said that in a

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  • Block 2 IRST flies on Super Hornet

    The US Navy (USN) and Boeing have flown the new Block 2 infrared search and track (IRST) long-range passive targeting pod on the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet combat aircraft. The flight, which was announced by Boeing on 15 January, took place in late 2019. The IRST is currently in its risk-reduction